Who am I?

Well, that’s a great question.

I am known through my handle on DoA, an in the doll world in general, as Nakita (nakitaninja). I’ve been in the hobby for around seven years and it’s been a wonderful part of my life.

I’m a doll and hobby enthusiast, gaming nerd, archaeologist, ex-journalist, lover of fantasy literature and period dramas. In other words: I’m probably not so different from any of you who are visiting this site. From my past occupations, I’ve learned the value of keeping my personal life separate from my online presence which is why you won’t really find any personal information on my profiles.

I practice an open and accepting view towards (well, hopefully everything but..) all niches in the hobby and I love positive, productive conversations. I have zero tolerance for the belief that someone’s dolls are “better” than another person’s. The greatest gift in the bjd hobby is to realize your own evolution of style and enjoy what you create without fear.

Dolls are truly fearless.

The happiest thing about the bjd hobby, for me, is the fact that we love these dolls in our own way but participate in the hobby in happy appreciation together- in our community.

In other words it’s really nice to share this hobby with you. ❤




If you have a question or comment for me, please contact me! I love talking to people about dolls, life, etc!