Welcoming Dollfie Dream

How do I welcome a Dollfie Dream?

Dollfie Dreams are less expensive than Super Dollfies and since they are considered a bit more casual, they are easier to acquire. There are a bevy of standard models that are refreshed every couple years and limited editions that are released for the various Dolpas. In addition Volks has added a couple extra methods of attaining hard to get sculpts, outfits and eye combination dolls by adding a service call “Dream Choice“. (The Video below is all in Japanese but showcases the lovely process of Dream Choice!)

Dream Choice is similar to the Volks FCS service for resin dolls with less choice, prepainted heads and ready to buy skin tone (normal and semi-white skintones in the winter seasons/ normal and tan skintone options in the summer time), eye, body type and hair combinations right off of the shelves. The doll is then assembled for the purchaser there in the store and they are able to take the doll home with them immediately. This service is only available in person at the Tenshi no Sumika in Akihabara which is also know as DOLL POINT– Volk’s specialty vinyl flagship store.

There is also a new kind of Dollfie Dream “One-off” that is now released at Dolpas called D’coord. These dolls are coordinate models created by Volks and then sold by lottery at their events. These dolls are different from the Dream Choice in the fact that they come with special LE outfits, wigs, eyes and face-ups.

Collaboration Models- Dolls developed for special preorder periods or LEs for Dolpas that are negotiated for special release in a certain quantity. If you see a collaboration doll you love, it is best to save up and purchase it as soon as possible as they tend not to be released again. There are certain exceptions but because Volks has to negotiate a deal with the IP holder, rereleases are rare.

Standard Models- Says what it is, is what it says. These dolls are characters developed by Volks and regularly stocked in store and on their webshops. They are refreshed every couple years with new pairings of heads and body types. They are always sold with a basic underwear set at a base price point.

D’COORD- Volks coordinators choose the components of the Dollfie Dreams and the doll is sold as a complete package. Only available at Doll Point Akihabara and Yokohama Showroom.

VOLKS Original Story “After School Akihabara Girls”– Volks’ charming storyline about the cute girls who live and work in the Akihabara district in Tokyo After school. The original characters are named Moe and Natsuki but Volks has added many characters to their ever expanding world. The girls work in cafes, playing bands, some are idols and others are cute school teachers. They span all Dollfie Dream sizes (except for DDP and MDD).

I have not paired the ‘how to buy icons’ with Dollfie Dreams on this page because you are able to attain most styles of DD bodies and sculpt combination through all methods- online, at events and in stores. There are still some bodies and heads that are exclusive to certain releases such as the DDH-08 and DDH-09 that are only available for sale in stores in Japan, DDH-11 (exclusive) and the DDP body. Like most Volks exclusives these goods will likely become available in the future once new product lines are developed…. someday.