Volks Vocabulary

I have found it helpful in the past to keep a list of terms or words for people who are new to the hobby. We’ve all had times where we cannot figure out what people are talking about concerning their favorite resin companions and Volks in particular has many terms that are unique to their dolls and the “Super Dollfie Lifestyle”.

Please enjoy and feel free to make suggestions for additions!

Sumika- Shop. A venue where Super Dollfie products are sold.

Tenshi- This literally means angels in Japanese. Volks refers to their entire doll lines -both resin and vinyl- as angels.

“another yourself”– A Volks term for each owner’s idealized vision of themselves as embodied by their own Super Dollfie.

Mother SD:  A statuesque reliquary at the heart of Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto, Japan where owners come to “welcome” their new dolls. She is enveloped by a fabric canopy and surrounded by Volks tenshi. Many say that Mother SD strongly resembles the Virgin Mary.

Satogaeri-Service: For orders placed directly with Volks, owners can elect to add “Satogaeri-Services” for an extra fee. These include an additional coat of MSC applied to the doll’s body and the removal of seam lines from the doll’s body.

MSC: Mr. Super Clear! A popular sealant that provides UV protection and has a flat coat finish. This is used to seal any sort of painting customization on resin and vinyl dolls.

resin: referring to the casting substance for Volks dolls: polyurethane resin. Casting resins fall into three classes, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins. For more on the nature of polyurethane resin please check out this wonderful blog.

porcelain: A hard, white, translucent ceramic made by firing a pure clay and then glazing it with variously colored fusible materials – basically china. Porcelain dolls are always expensive – and are far more fragile than resin dolls.

face-up: The paint and sealing agents applied to the face of a bjd.

“tenshi body”: An androgynous body that is shipped with the Volks Tenshi, or angel, line of dolls. It lacks genitalia or breasts.

“origin body”: A body different from the standard in that its torso is one solid piece lacking the joint in the middle. This body was what Super Dollfie originally shipped with and is appreciated by collectors for its smooth design and sculptural beauty.

Suwarikko: This is a special style of leg that is an option for FCS clients or occasionally released on an LE version of a doll. It allows the doll to sit in a cute position with legs folded to either site.

“Pureskin”: Volks’ proprietary term for specifically their casting resin which hints at the clarity, uniformity and fine nature of their product.

“Pureskin Bisque”: Boy, this is a debated one. This is supposedly a new, proprietary substance Volks is using in very limited amount on one sculpt of doll only available through special auctions at Tenshi no Sato. It theoretically has the feel of porcelain bisque and the durability of resin. Since it is in such limited production much of Pureskin Bisque remains a mystery~ Please click here for more information on Pureskin Bisque and Kasumi.

KIPS: Is an acronym for the Keep It Posed System. It is an evolved and unique joint structure that helps a Super Dollfie “move more smoothly and hold various kinds of poses that they never could before.”

Won’t you please help us add to our vocabulary page?