Volks Vinyl Dolls

The first doll I fell in love with was a Volks SD Megu but that’s not the first doll I purchased. Before I became a resin collector I took a detour through the wild, wonderful world of Dollfie Dreams. Dollfie Dreams are cousins with Super Dollfie. Their similarities are limited to a similar 1/3 size range and interchangeable nature of wigs and eyes- that’s where the similarities end.

The biggest difference in the dolls is the styling and sculpts. Dollfie Dreams are anime/manga based dolls with a highly stylized aesthetic. While SDs tend to stick to a more ‘traditional’ Western doll appearance with a noticeable stylistic flare, Dollfie Dreams are exclusively unique to their market. They generally have smaller heads, larger eyes and hourglass figures.

Dollfie Dreams are spilt into different iconic sizes that represent various 1) ages and 2) archetypes found in anime and manga. Dollfie Dreams almost always exclusively female, though the latter is finally changing in recent years. It’s also worth noting that while there are almost 76 different SD sculpts and 48 Different MSD sculpts- there are only 14 Dollfie Dream sculpts currently (not including Collaboration Models).

TENSHINOMONpointIn Japan the largest market for Dollfie Dreams is adult men. Outside of Japan the main market for these dolls is divided between men and women, with women as the majority buyers. Hmm.

Dollfie Dream vs Super Dollfie

There’s also the material difference in resin and vinyl. Resin is heavier, denser plastic and vinyl is light and flexible. Each has their own benefits and faults. The advantage of resin over vinyl, for me and many other collectors, is the ability to (resist) staining. Though resin can stain over time it is, as a base material, less porous and does not hold onto stains like vinyl does. There’s remedies for staining but they tend to be chemical, complex and yield unpredictable results (think bleaching if left on too long). The upside of vinyl is that these dolls are light and highly posable. All Super Dollfies (over time) require stringing and occasionally sueding to allow them to hold a variety of poses. Dollfie Dreams require no such maintenance and… just work.

Then there’s durability and this is directly in relation to the aforementioned materials. Resin dolls tend to yellow over time. There’s nothing to be done except be extra cautious and avoid sunlight but even in the best conditions, resin dolls will yellow. Dollfie Dreams have less of a tendency to yellow but their vinyl does age and they can change colors (particularly white skin) and the vinyl can crack. It’s not a huge issue with the bodies as these are readily available and easily replaced but it can pose a threat to the heads which if they develop cracks in their neck connection, it can compromise the integrity of the neck joint.

There’s literally a million different products  to help mitigate the wear and tear on Dollfie Dreams- creams, tape, replacement joints, etc. If you welcome a Dollfie Dream and decide you love the hobby you will undoubtedly be employing some of these techniques before long. (<— more on this soon!)

The list of sizes below are arranged by year they were released. Volks groups their Dollfie Dream by lines. Images accompanying are property of Volks Inc and all the information concerning the models, their sizing is available in detail on the Volks website here. All dolls are sculpted by ZOUKEI-MURA INC. and created in Soft Vinyl covering an ABS Resin frame. They each have 14 points of articulation as well.

Dollfie Dream (2003)

(18+ y/o) The original and standard Volks body for Dollfie Dreams.



Mini Dollfie Dream (2007)

(9+ y/o)Smaller body type meant to embody the ‘little sister’. Very Moe & very cute. Terrible issues with earlier bodies having lose joints and that had now been fixed with the latest iteration of the body. They can wear MSD, SDM, and MDD clothing.

Dollfie Dream Dynamite (2008)

(18+ y/o)A curvier girl for a more diverse world! This lovely body type is very voluptuous but retains the same height as the original Dollfie Dream body. The differences are such that it requires it’s own clothing size.


Dollfie Dream Sister (2010)

(15+ y/o)A slightly shorter, slender version of the Dollfie Dream body. This is a median size for more petite, younger girls.


Dollfie Dream Pretty (2016)

(12+ y/o) As the image illustrates this body falls somewhere in between the MDD and the DDS. It can also wear MDD sized clothing.



By clicking the links on the model names above you will be taken to a Volks Inc official page listing all of the models past and present that have been created for that particular style of doll. Have fun!


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