Volks Resin Dolls

Super Dollfies are cast from a substance called “urethane resin”. This casting material innovation allowed larger dolls, traditionally created from porcelain, to become malleable companions who can be easily tailored to the end consumer’s desire. Resin maintains a beautiful translucency and weight or porcelain with added resilience.

TENSHINOMONpointFor the purposes of Super Dollfie resin is an ideal material as these dolls are meant to be handled, loved and are highly customizable. Super Dollfie must be made of a material that can allow them to be part of your every day life! Though resin sounds like an ideal material (and it pretty much is) there are a few special care concerns to address.

Super Dollfies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (14 to be exact) and their availability of sculpt, skin tone and other customization options relies on how you acquire your Super Dollfie. Each size of doll from Yo-SD to SDGr is available as male, female and a gender neutral “tenshi” or angel that generally arrives with wings.

As you may already be able to tell: this is where things begin to get a little more complicated. To provide assistance there are color coded icons next to each size doll to let you know if you are not a resident of Japan how you might acquire these dolls. Please click on any of the icons to access more information on how you can procure your very special Super Dollfie.

Super Dollfie Line

SD Hikari Tenshi, Rei-Tenshi & SD Sei-Tenshi: eventsicon

Volks Hikari TenshiThe smallest fellows of the Volks line are very rare and only available via special events. These tiny angels are seek their owners through the luck of a special Dolpa bingo tournament that you must pay an entrance fee to attend. They are very special!


Yo-SD: eventsiconDolpalottoiconDealersicon

Volks Yo-SD(Height: about 27cm) Yo-SD or Young-SD take on the appearance of child around 5 years of age. They are only available as limited releases at special events or Dolpa. Unless specifically stated in item specifics many Yo-SD come default without an outfit. Occasionally Yo-SD are “event” only dolls released at Tenshi no Sato during special angel events in Japan with “tenshi bodies” which are genderless/asexual and feature an “origin body” torso (one-piece torso without a mid joint).


Mini Super Dollfie: FCSiconDealersicon

Volks MSD

(Height: about 43cm or 17 inches) Often referred to as MSD these dolls are different in scale from Super Dollfie but have the same customization and characteristics. They were the second line of Super Dollfie to be developed. They are currently available as FCS in Japan and as co-ordinate models. In FCS some MSD are referred to as “fairy head molds” which means they have an additional selection ears (cat, elf, robot, etc) available for their head sculpt. When they were released on the genderless bodies as tenshi they are referred to as KoTenshi. Since the release of the SDMidi, a similar sized doll to MSD with an updated body sculpting and jointing, MSD have not been released as limited doll/event doll.

Super Dollfie Midi: eventsiconFCSiconDolpalottoiconvolksusaiconvolksinticonDealersicon

Volks SDMidi

(Height: about 43cm or 17 inches) Released in February of 2013 the SDMidi is an updated version of the Volks MSD line with a more detailed, softly sculpted body. The head is interchangeable with MSD and they are slimmer & lighter. They also feature enhanced, discreet double joints for better posing than the MSD body. They are available via FCS in Japan, standard models at Volks USA and Volks International and also make appearances and Limited models as well.

Occasionally SDMidi are “event” only dolls released at Tenshi no Sato during special angel events in Japan with “tenshi bodies” which are genderless/asexual and feature an “origin body” torso (one-piece torso without a mid joint).

Super Dollfie Cute: DolpalottoiconDealersicon

SD Cute

(42-44cm) Also referred to as SDC, this line of dolls is again in the same size category as the MSD and SDmidi. The most notable difference in that SDC are meant to represent an older, more mature individual while maintaining the smaller overall size. SDC girls, for example, have a curvier figure with a more significant bust.  SDCs also feature a more complicated joint system with a double jointed torso, elbows, and -for male dolls- knees. SDC girl bodies have suwarikko legs, while SDC boy bodies have thigh joints which enables a cross-legged position. SDC have been released only as limited dolls at a handful of Dolpas and are not available via FCS or as a Standard.


Volks DearSD

(43cm) Released in 2015 many Volks fans have described this new form of Super Dollfie as a larger size yo-SD due to it’s chubby appearance and genderless bodies. It uses the SD10 head sizes and has inspired a renewal of many older head sculpts into darling DearSD dolls. Currently DearSD are only available at special events in Japan and occasionally offered by lottery via Volks USA special events. The development of DearSD has also inspired a new line dresses by Baby the Star Shine Bright to accompany these new dolls. Clothing for DearSD as Volks has not released a standard line of clothing for the size and only develops outfits that are sold with the dolls. More information can be found here.

Super Dollfie: eventsiconFCSiconDolpalottoiconvolksusaiconvolksinticonDealersicon

Volks SD10

(55-56cm or 22inches) This is the original size for the first Volks resin bjd released in 1999 and the most commone form of Super Dollfie available. The SD or SD10 is made to resemble a child of around 10 – 12 years of age. This size and body type is available in almost all sales varieties including FCS, Standard, Limited and as One-Offs. When presented as a tenshi on a gender neutral body they are called KyoTenshi.

TENSHINOMONpointIf you’re unsure/uncertain where to start in the world of Super Dollfie the SD10 is a lovely model to begin with. As unbelievable as it may seem this 22/23 inch beauty is the midsize doll for the entire Volks Super Dollfie Line. The SD10’s long (and successful!) history/sizing offers all the loveliness of the brand with minimal complication by way of access additional parts, complicated joints/restringing or acquiring clothing in the correct size. Volks SD was very much the standard for the bjd industry and remain enormously popular today.

Super Dollfie 13: eventsiconFCSiconDealersicon

Volks SD13 Boy

(59 – 61cm dependent upon regular or long leg selection) Super Dollfie 13 or SD13 are meant to portray a slightly older individual of about 13 years of age. They are slightly taller than the original SD, the body sculpt generally lacks a ‘chubbiness’ that the SD10 possesses and there is an additional torso joint. This is another Super Dollfie model that is well loved by fans but is now largely discontinued by Volks. Pre 2014 they were available  as Standards, Limited, One-Offs and FCS, however Volks has since removed the SD13 from product lines and they are currently only available to order via FCS and very occasionally as a One-Off. When presented on a genderless body as a tenshi this size SD is known as SeiRei.

Super Dollfie Graffiti: eventsiconFCSiconDolpalottoiconvolksinticonDealersicon

Volks SDGr( Boy Height: 62cm, Girl Height 59cm) Also known as SDGr, this  body was introduced 2009/2011 (boy/girl) and is one of the most posable and versatile Super Dollfie bodies. The body combines the size of the SD13 with the elaborate musculature sculpting, mature/slender sizing and sophisticated joint systems of the SD16 and SD17. Female dolls ship with additional leg parts to switch between flat and high heeled feet. The SDGr has, for all intent and purposes, replaced the SD13 in availability as FCS, Limited, One-Off and FCS (<-male body only). They are not available for purchase as standard dolls.

Occasionally SDGr are “event” only dolls released at Tenshi no Sato during special angel events in Japan with “tenshi bodies” which are genderless/asexual and may also feature an “origin body” torso (one-piece torso without a mid joint).

Super Dollfie 16: eventsiconFCSiconDolpalottoiconvolksinticonDealersicon

Volks SD16(Boy Height: 63cm, Girl Height: 58cm) The SD16 are one of Volks’ largest dolls and it is meant to represent an individual of around 16 years of age. The female doll has a “fashion” oriented hourglass silhouette while the male has broader shoulders and an enhanced yet still slender build. These dolls have sophisticated joint and greater posing ability than the SD and the SD13 but (minus the size difference) remain on par with the SDGr body. The male SD16 was only released once and this has since become a “female only” doll size. Interestingly the female SD16 debuted at NYC Dolpa and was added to the once extensive Volks USA FCS catalog. Since 2014 the female SD16 have continued to be offered once a year for FCS at Volks USA and have only been released as limited dolls and/or as special “One-Off” event dolls in Japan.

Super Dollfie 17:  eventsiconDolpalottoiconvolksinticonDealersicon

HijikataSD17(Boy Height: 65 cm) SD17 have all been limited releases only to date and are meant to represent young men of 17 years of age. There are no female dolls in this line. They sport a slender, muscular frame that is slighting broader and longer than the SDGr boy. It would be accurate to say the SDGr boy is a compromise between the SD13 and the SD17 body with the SD17 being on the end of the mature spectrum.



Super Dollfie GoueventsiconDolpalottoiconvolksinticonDealersicon

YukinojoSDGou(Boy Height: 66cm) By far the largest and most muscular doll Volks Inc. makes and is meant to represent the next step of maturity after the SD17 in the male SD progression. There are no female dolls within this line. The first one, Sawaragi Yukinojo,  was a reinterpretation of the previous SD17 Volks character. He was released as a lottery item at Dolpa 27 in 2012. One of the defining features of the Gou body type is the exaggerated musculature of the back, arms and legs and also a thicker neck. The latter makes it very difficult for owners to use other heads with the Gou body without modifying the head sculpt for the larger circumference of the neck.





TENSHINOMONpoint Please note that we strive to maintain only the most current information on how to obtain these dolls but Volks likes to change their method of distribution from time to time and our guide is certainly not the final word. If you see an error please feel free to notify the admin! Thank you!


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