Volks Mysticism

“Big eyes in order to stare at you  and  scarlet lips to convey their thoughts to you.”

                                                                                                                         -Volks Japan

This is perhaps one of my favorite topics and why I fell in love with the world of Super Dollfie. It is also one that you do not hear mentioned by many people due to its somewhat clandestine nature. Let’s dig in because this is, in my humble opinion, where things get good.

Volks has created a very real air about their product in terms of artistry and respect. I daresay it is almost ‘cultish’ in nature. I feel comfortable throwing these words around due to images like the following on “Super Dollfie World View”:

Volks Dollfie Timeline
(image credit Volks USA)

This was once a very real image used to describe the Super Dollfie product line on the Volks USA web site before the redesign in 2014. Volks clearly indicates that Super Dollfie is a spiritual experience and the dolls are linked to the owner throughout the life cycle, as well as in death.

I cannot explain what is happening here but there’s obviously some hits on reincarnation, our relationship to our dolls and… something cosmic that indicates that these dolls should be perceived to be as very much alive.

As per Volks Inc. Super Dollfie are ofter referred in literature as “another yourself” or an idealized version of who the owner would like to be. They are also called”dear sons and daughters”as well as angels (or tenshi). It is also suggested that terms such as “bought” are vulgar when describing the acquisition of a Super Dollfie. When a Super Dollfie comes to its new owner both owner and company refers to this as “welcoming” or “adopting” a Super Dollfie.

In Japan at the Angels’ Sanctuary “Tenshi no Sato” there is something called an “Omukae (meaning ‘picking up’) Ceremony” which new owners can elect to partake in. This event in the past has often been overseen by company president Shigeta himself. The event is quite spectacular:

*cue sound track for the initial ceremony “Studio Ghibli melodies”*

After a speech by the Volks official who is presiding over the ceremony, new owners walk down an aisle to stand at the foot of a large statue who resembles the Virgin Mary. At the base of the statue lies a special box enveloped with light, gauzy fabric. Within this material lies the new Super Dollfies who are waiting to be welcomed by the owner! Then the presiding official will carry a lit candle to the owner and light candles at either side of the aisle in front of the statue. The overhead lights dim and the room is enveloped in candlelight.

Then, after a long speech by the Volks official the owner blows out each candle on either side of the altar. The owner is to lift back the fabric and reveal their new “child” and welcome it into their arms.  Thus a new Super Dollfie has come to life! 

*cue closing soundtack  “Tonight I celebrate my love” by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack.*

Please feel free to look to the side bar to your right for an ‘interesting’ midi version of this song to make your online Omake ceremony complete.


It may all seem very strange to outside eyes but when put in context of the cultural importance of ‘dolls’ worldwide the mysticism behind Super Dollfie begins to make quite a lot of sense. When I began my journey into the ‘World of Super Dollfie’ one of the best resources, if a bit dated, was the program called ‘Japanorama’ by BBC Channel 4. It’s a brilliant look inside Super Dollfie Culture and why dolls are so meaningful- not just within Japan but to all those who love Super Dollfie around the world.