Volks Lottery FAQ:

This is such a subject and it’s almost always hotly debated before a lottery. Volks is a business and it’s practices can change- and often do. There are some things that remain the same no matter where or who you are  that will apply. We’ll work through the lottery information step by step. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions so I can improve the information available on this site!

The process for each Dolpa is pretty similar. About a month in adance Volks News will release and Volks will make their new doll announcements via Social Media. Then they’ll have their website for the Dolpa with it’s sepcial graphics up in the next week followed by information (now in Chinese, Japanese and English!) for people who will come to Japan to attend the event.

Dolpa dolls are usually LE dolls but occasionally there are also Coordinate Models, D’coord, One-Offs, and DearSD that are available.

The Dolpa website is confusing?!

Yes, it generally is. The only thing you need to worry about if you are joining the After Event Lottery is watching the Volks Website store for the time period when the lottery for limited dolls will be open.

How many dolls will be available?

This number is never known outside of Volks INC. If it is  Volks proprietary line then there are usually more dolls available and if they have partnered with a licensed IP then there will, usually, be a very limited number of dolls available.

But the Dolpa website says it is a preorder, all orders will be filled, first come first serve, etc…..

If you are not in Japan and not attending Dolpa that does not apply to you. Don’t worry about it. It generally means that people who attend dolpa will be able to purchase the dolls they want without having to draw a number, wait and in line and pray that stock doesn’t sell out. First come, first serve is generally how all sumika sales are conducted as part of the Dolpa Afterevent in Japan.

I’m worried I won’t win!

A lot of people don’t. It’s all part of the thrill of entering the lottery. The good news about Volks is that they’ll have new products out four times a year and there’s always a new, beautiful doll to be interested in.

I scared of the “click war”. What is it!?!

Click wars only very rarely occur when a LE doll that has been overstocked is released in general sale on the Volks website store. By virtue of there being a lot of one kind of doll- enough to warrent a website sale, there shouldn’t be any kind of ‘click war’ over the left over quantities. Sometimes the dolls sell out quickly and sometimes they don’t.

Okay, so what *is* a “click war”?

The actual term ‘click war’ came from several instances of Volks USA not having enough bandwidth to support the traffic they received during limited items/outfit sales events. People would lose items from their carts, the website would crash and individuals would sit for 3 hours trying to buy limited items. It was just really, really stupidly frustrating and happened multiple times. Volks USA has instead opted to do a lottery system for their items since they were unable to sort their bandwidth issues and discontinued ‘click wars’.

Volks Japan still has limited item sales on their website store periodically but the process is infinitely smoother and can handle the traffic with little issue.

Can I enter more than once?

No. You’ll be banned from lottery events.

What if I enter the international lottery and the Volks USA lottery?

Then you might win two dolls. Volks USA once had partners throughout the USA including ‘We Love Dolls’ and ‘Kerbey Lane Doll Shop’. If you placed an order at one of these shops Volks USA would check the name and addresses of winners at those shops and not allocate a doll to people who entered the lottery at Volks USA. Volks USA has stopped partnering with shops in the US for LE entries since 2013. If you enter in more than one lottery be prepared to pay for two dolls.

What if I cancel my lottery order?

It happens. Some conspiracy theorist contend that there’s a Volks blacklist for people who enter lotteries and then do not pay repeatedly. Others say they’ve not paid for a lottery item and successfully entered the lottery again and won. No one really knows if there are actual repercussions and they may vary by shop. (International vs USA)

If my cousin and I live at the same address and we both want to enter for the doll, can we do so?

Sure, but be certain to have a separate payment method.


Got a question? Please feel free to send it in and I’ll add it to the FAQ!