Volks Full Choice System

Volks FCS or the “Full Choice System” is an intimate way to welcome the Super Dollfie of your dreams into your home. Traditionally FCS is intended to be a process whereby owners design and create their “own” doll through selection of body, hair, face-up, eyes and dress.

There is so much to know about the history of Volks FCS that it could probably (and does in Japan) fill many, many different catalogs and ‘look books’. The process of completing a traditional FCS order can take quite a long time- sometimes over two hours!

らい from rai_doll_56 has been generous enough to share her journey from paper work to final product. Her journey through Volks FCS certainly resulted in an exceptionally beautiful girl:

VOLKS FCS PICS The page above details all of the items included with this particular order. Everything from hands, feet, body type, outfits, eyelashes, wigs and eyes are all completed on this form.

VOLKS FCS PICS The image above is a very special form: the make-up order form. This provides the artists with specific detailing about the final make-up look of the doll. You can select a variety of options from eyelid and lip gloss, vivid or natural- you are allowed to elaborate on the nature you wish the artist to capture in Super Dollfie form.


After a month or two of waiting you are able to welcome you dream doll! This is a beautiful SD_F_56 who is dressed in her special Omukae (welcoming) outfit. You are read even more about the very special ‘welcoming ceremony’ here. 

VOLKS FCS PICS Look at what a beautiful result! Everyone at Tenshi no Mon wishes らい and her new, beautiful girl so much happiness in their new life together. ❤

Volks FCS is offered at select salons in Japan and a truncated version is periodically offered online to residents in North America. If you do not live in either location then it will not be possible to place your FCS without use of a proxy or an address/payment method in either area.


TENSHINOMONpointIt should also be noted that Volks Inc., for their own reasons, frowns upon the use of proxies and the process of placing orders for other individuals using the FCS process and have publicly announced their wish that only individuals within the indicated service areas use the appropriate channels to place their orders. This means that the majority of options for FCS are not available outside of Japan with certain options being restricted to Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto. It also means that if you are not a resident of Japan, Korea, USA, Canada or Mexico FCS is not available to you. The only way to receive an FCS doll outside of the Volks sumika service areas is via the secondary market.

There are many FCS sculpts and each new one that is developed is number sequentially. They start at 01 and have (at the time of writing this) are well into the mid-seventies. FCS sculpts are not only fun due to their diversity but also provide a sort of ‘sculptural timeline’ of Volks style and how it has evolved over the years. Certain characteristics such as sculpted eyebrows and larger dome heads have become relics of the past, making way for the more sophisticated, nuanced sculpts we see in development today.

Volks FCS Info

Many of Volks’s sculpts have been discontinued, renamed or redone within their hierarchy. There’s not rhyme or reason to these changes known outside of Volks. Additionally, the FCS service changes seasonally and introduces sculpts, old and new at different sumika locations. We, at Tenshi no Mon, will make every effort to update and change this information, giving links and amendments to the latest Volks FCS information as often as possible.

The best place to see the general line-up of Volks FCS at the time of writing this is Neo Angel Den. Neo Angel Den updated and helped to fill the void of the new defunct Angel Den. Neo Angel Den currently gives head molds up through the beautiful SD F-73 and MSD F-49  but it should be noted that the most recent batch of heads from 2017 and beyond have not been added. The *actual* Volks sculpt line-up available in FCS goes up to SD F-83 and MSD F-58 (as of October 2018). The best way to find these new head sculpts is to do a detailed search into the social media platform that has the most Volks information updated regularly by Volks themselves: Instagram.

 If you don’t have an Instagram account then you should make one- especially for research purposes. The Volks Super Dollfie Instagram feed is your best resource for new products and researching the vast library of Volks models.

Example: You want to see more of the F-75 head sculpt that was introduced in 2017. The best way to find images of this head is to use instagram and search for the hash tag: #sd_f_75

The best part about using the social media method of searching is that you can look for ANY Volks FCS head using this format. Want to see an F-62? Just search for #sd_f_62 and you’ll have access to many user images and Volks official images of this sculpt. Since this is the tag format Volks uses for their dolls on Instagram it’s simple to change the last digits to whatever head sculpt you are looking for with awesome results. It’s a glorious way of finding reference images for the dolls you dream of welcoming!

Updates and additions to FCS from Volks news will be added below with information and dates applicable!

Below is a sample image of a form that is used to sketch your ideal FCS order face. You can always print it out or sketch your dream FCS doll face-up on your tablet!


Volks Inc is very protective of their FCS information and options. In the case of Volks USA they do not openly offer information about the process unless you are specifically ordering from them online and in the correct country. They have even pursued individuals who screen cap the options on their FCS page. It is a shame that people cannot know what Volks offers but they believe it protects their dolls and intellectual property from being illegally reproduced. As such, Tenshi no Mon will not host online FCS option images out of respect for the parent company.