Volks Doll Lines

Volks INC has a lot of history with different lines of hobby products- action figures, miniature models, resin kits… and dolls. Though their history of dolls is really diverse and fascinating, we’re really only going to concern ourselves with the larger lines of dolls created in both resin and vinyl.

Below is an image from Volks with the differences of each dolls line- the vinyl dolls (referred to as Dollfie Dreams) are on the left and the resin dolls (known as Super Dollfies) are on the right. This graphic is really great because you can see the range of sizes and even genders that are available in each line.


This image is current as of 10/2018. Our translation is in *red* and google translate did the rest of the work. If you know Japanese and want to help get things translated, please contact me at  tenshinomon@gmail.com!

Now comes the odd part about collecting Volks dolls. People usually tend to go towards one branch or another mainly due to aesthetic reasons, I believe? Personally I am one of the few people who collects a few of both and there’s definitely pros and cons to each line. Please use the pull down menu under ‘Volks Doll Lines’ in the menu above to access Volks Resin Dolls or Volks Vinyl Dolls and find out more!