The Library

This page was created for the purpose of reviewing reference material for the world of Super Dollfie. You can find websites and forums -both “official” and fan made- that will help you on your quest to discover the amazing world of Super Dollfie.


Neo Angel Den: The best resource for placing an FCS currently available online. Wonderful current information on FCS offerings in Japan and even some information on the Volks USA Online FCS process. It is an indispensable resource.

Angel Den: So this was -at one time- the gold standard in Volks reference websites in English. It’s obvious the curator put tons of effort and time into the creation and it has so much information available. The sections about FCS and model releases are separated into two different sections: Where Angels Lie Database and Creating Dreams Volks FCS respectively. I love that it offers multiple images of each sculpt, styled differently so you can see the aesthetic potential each doll may possess.

The Photo Guides: Volks In Japan locations is no longer accurate! Please take time to double check all Volks locations if you are planning on making a visit while in Japan otherwise you’ll be in for a large disappointment after a significant amount of walking. The shop location and information can always be found on the Volks Inc. English & Japanese site (last menu option on the right). Please note that the English version of the website has a truncated list of shops where the Japanese one is much more thorough.

It is also, sadly, five years out of date concerning general model releases and FCS information but that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! There’s still tons of information on different sculpts- just nothing newer than 2012. There’s always rumors about the site being updated… I’m always hoping that will be true! Angel Den is a wonderful site.

VOLKS:FULL CHOICE SYSTEM: A wonderful ‘no frills’ reference website. It is updated more frequently than Angel Den, however, it is also out of date by about four years. It also only offers one image of each sculpt and if you are considering FCS it is really important to be able to narrow down the sculpts you like and then look at many, many images of that particular sculpt and different ways it can be painted.

My BJD Asia: A lovely forum with lots of information about the BJD hobby. I’ll be honest I’ve only really read into their awesome FCS thread. Sadly the information was last update in 2014 so it is out of date and does not cover head sculpts past F-56. Still a great reference for those looking for more pictures of their beloved Super Dollfies.

Den of Angels: Not to be confused with the reference site “Angel Den”. Tons of doll information packed into a very large and potentially confusing forum that requires membership to access. I’m unsure how they are running it these days but at one time it required a member referral to gain access to the site and then there are strict requirements set for participation to access the entire forum (for good reason too!).

If you’re serious about Super Dollfie then this is a fantastic resource for all things Super Dollfie- and other dolls lines as well. I owe much of my participation in the bjd hobby to Den of Angels. You can search for images on FCS items, read people’s stories about their dolls (fiction and nonfiction) and even make s a few friends. There’s friendly competitions, conversations and debate. Dolls can sometimes be a lonely hobby but with DoA you realize that you’re no longer alone and there’s a wealth of information at your fingertips.

My tips for using DoA:

-Pick a handle you will never want to change- ever. No Backsies. 

-Don’t create more than one account. They can track IP and will ban you from the site.

-Read the rules

-Reread the rules

-Understand the rules are stricter than most (read: any other) forum and the ban hammer is swift

-Don’t be a dick.

-Have a great time!


On the Volks Website store there’s tons of books about Super Dollfie. Be prepared to not have any in English when you order- if the item arrives and there is English in it then count yourself lucky. Still, the books are lovely and can be a treasure trove of good info, not to mention lovely to add to your book shelf. Please keep in mind things change all the time in the world of Super Dollfie and some of these books have been in publication for years. I’ll note the most up to date ones in the descriptions.

Volks News: (Japanese Only) Released quarterly. Upon the glossy pages of this lovely magazine you can see the upcoming dolls and events for Volks. Most magazines are tailored toward the upcoming Dolpa and the products people can hope to welcome there. There is a heavy doll focus with a few other pages dedicated to the figures and models that Volks makes.

Intro to Super Dollfie Full Choice Hand Book 2016: (Japanese and some English)

Lil Custom Lessons for Super Dollfie: (Japanese Only)

Hello Super Dollfie – Intro to the World of Super Dollfie: (Japanese Only)

Super Dollfie Photo Album 2009 Another Yourself: (Japanese and some English)