The Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop

We are currently on hiatus. Please check back later for more announcements for meet-ups in 2019.
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 3.04.42 PMThis is the official meet-up page for the ‘Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop‘! The name comes from the legendary doll shop that was once located on Kerbey lane in Austin, TX which was, for many years, introduced many people to the world of ball-jointed dolls. Our mission continues in the footsteps of the wonderful people who worked at the Kerbey Lane Doll Shop: to gather together to celebrate the bjd hobby/culture and to educate the general public about this niché hobby.


So what are doll meets about?

Let’s get to know each other- it’s a simple meet and greet with fun bonus activities.

Please look forward to our meet up events which may include any of the following:
  • Themed dress activities for your doll
  • Special tea and snacks
  • Mask making activity for our dolls
  • Oversized photo backdrop for the event- for you or your dolls!
  • ‘Special Thank you’ gifts

If you haven’t been to a doll meet before then please take time to review this handy etiquette list compiled by the folks at Den of Angels. Some rules are pretty obvious while other reminders may be helpful- we’re only human.

A couple meet-up specific caveats:

  • This group is specifically for bjd enthusiasts- unfortunately we don’t do fashion dolls (Barbie, Monster High, etc). There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fashion dolls (I have a few myself), but there’s other places for that particular variety of dolls. If it’s on-topic for DoA then it’s okay to bring it to the meet-up. Smart Dolls are okay too!
  • No recasts
  • Well behaved/respectful t(w)eens are welcome but this meet is geared towards adults and not children under the age of 13- thank you for understanding.


These meet-ups are scheduled every other month (July, September, November, January, etc) and last an hour. An ‘open calendar call’ is hosted the month before each meet-up to assess when people have time to attend for maximum attendance. Please feel free to contact me if you’re in the area and would like to be added to the mail list for the calendar call. Once the meet-up date is announced indiviual’s schedules are removed from the calendar in order to protect privacy as much as possible.

How do I join?

Anyone is welcome to join.

For the lastest meet-up news please follow The Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop on Facebook.

For discussion please join The Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop on Facebook Group.

This group is not Volks BJD specific and welcomes all kinds of BJDs. Please feel free to invite bjd interested friends as well.

There are Two Ways to Attend:

Open Attendance–  Feel free to attend the meet-up! There’s no cost to come and socialize.

Guest List– If you would like to be added to the guest list for a meet-up this insures:

  • Priority on ‘open calendar call’. (Those making donations get priority over open attendance guests)
  • A tailored ‘goodie bag’ with your name on it for you- just for you and your doll.
  • Refreshments
  • Special activities such as mask crafting for dolls or special small props for you to take home to enjoy

Being added to the “Guest List” requires at minimum $6 donation for each meet-up (following the first one). These events take time and money to plan and each donation you make will go directly back into activities for the next meet-up. (The fee has been increased by a dollar thanks to Paypal fees.) Everything for the original meet-up has been funded my myself because I wanted to ‘get the ball rolling’ and I’m working hard to hopefully see these events become a successful, fun community happening.

When paying using the button below please make sure you include your name you would like on your gift bag and the size of BJD you collect so I can add special items just for you.


Thank you so much for your participation!

To ensure your spot at the next meet-up please contact me via the form below. Please include any questions, concerns or thoughts- this event wouldn’t be happening without YOU!

Your Host~