Tenshi no Mon Consignment Shop

This is a space where you can looks to hard-to-find dolls or deals on items in excellent condition.

I am also an artist and offer my work for sale from time to time on this page. I have shipped all over the world: Thailand, Russia, Canada, Italy, Norway, etc. and have many happy customers! For more information, please contact me. Prices are generally negotiable.

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These items are currently for sale and are also listed on Den of Angels & Flickr.

All items here have been kept behind glass and only handled with gloves in a collector’s home.  Doll display and storage boxes are kept in a UV and humidity controlled environment.

  • No smoking and no pets.
  • I will be happy to provide any additional pictures requested.
  • Please ask any questions about condition before purchase.
  • I provide layaway with conditions
  • I ship internationally if you have excellent feedback and we agree on payment/shipping conditions.
  • All prices in USD

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MDD Maria Head for Sale!


MDD Maria Head Only. Used ‘like-new’ condition. No staining, no discoloration. I need to downsize my vinyl doll collection. She’s been in storage with me and needs a new home where she will be displayed and loved.




Dear SD Nana


Dear SD Nana Head. Used ‘like-new’ condition. No staining, no discoloration, no yellowing. This item was received in a trade and did not have a certificate of authenticity attached though it is authentic. I can provide pictures of head plate as well.





Yo-Tenshi Una. Used ‘like-new’ condition. No staining, no discoloration, no yellowing. Set content: Doll body, wig, hair ribbon, wings of a child angel (color: Sakura color, cast), original box and futons **outfit is not included in sale**




IMG_0354-1 USD$2200 SOLD!

Romantic Glance Williams. Fullset, new condition. I attended the Volks 2017 Tokyo Cruise and received him afterwards. Please ask for photos or more information if you are interested in welcoming him!



One Off Cyndy Head for Sale! USD$289

Volks One-Off Cyndy Head

This is a One-Off SD Cyndy Head- her head tag clearly states “ONE OFF”. I bought it on DoA without a face-up. I have painted it myself with MSC, Pastels and acrylics. It has been sealed multiple times with MSC.

Since she is a One Off of an older style head, she lacks a schpitt magnet and head a mechanism that uses a rubber band instead.




Coming Soon!