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♥New SD Midi Models Announced♥

Hey there everyone! Good news for everyone who loves resin: 3 new Super Dollfie Midis have been announced! These lovely girls are obvious nods to their predecessors through both their names and similarities in their sculpts. Has one captured your heart? These dolls are fairly exciting because it feels like Volks is pushing their Midi… Continue reading ♥New SD Midi Models Announced♥

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✧Volks “Fitting Navi”✧

With the online launch of Volks News 79 comes, as usual, a wealth of information! In this issue there is of course everything related to the upcoming HT Dolpa Sendai 2 and all the amazing dolls that are going to be shown/sold at that event. Among all the flash, beauty and amazing new products I… Continue reading ✧Volks “Fitting Navi”✧

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♥ Idol Master DD Takagaki Kaede ♥

As announced on the Dollfie Dream Twitter feed in the wee hours of the morning here in North America- the other Doffie Dream for HT Dolpa Sendai 2 in August is Kaede Takagi! This lovely girl has mismatched eye color AND a beauty mark. I am super in love with her unique look. I can’t… Continue reading ♥ Idol Master DD Takagaki Kaede ♥

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A Birthday Ring for Your Dollfie

Good morning everyone! In a wonderful promotional move Volks has included special, magical forms with their latest issue of Volks News 78: when filled out properly these forms have the incredible power to get you a special present: a white gold dollfie birthday ring! Each ring is set with the stone appropriate for the month… Continue reading A Birthday Ring for Your Dollfie

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Volks Addresses the Nihonbashi Takashimaya Incident

Interesting news on Facebook today: Volks has decided, due to incident at Nihonbashi Takashimaya, to change their method of sales for Lorina II. This probably comes as a relief to many who sought to purchase this elusive girl. If you missed out on the previous drama, please feel free to use the links above to… Continue reading Volks Addresses the Nihonbashi Takashimaya Incident

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☆Dolpa 39 New Harajuku SDGr Girls☆

UPDATE: Volks Usa had this to say about the collaboration line: Hi Nakita, Sorry for replying to your question so late. “Galerie de l’esprit” is a newly announced brand. While the brand is mysterious, it’s designers have a unique world view and aim to create wonderful works of art. We’re looking forward to it’s future… Continue reading ☆Dolpa 39 New Harajuku SDGr Girls☆

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♬♩♪♩Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka♩♪♩♬

Big news- Volks News 78 specifically- hit the Volks Twitter account last night! The newest addition to the Dollfie Dream line up is Megurine Luka! For those of you who aren’t up on your Volcaloid information she’s the taller, pink haired siren whose ‘face launched a thousand ships’. I also wanted to add a bit of… Continue reading ♬♩♪♩Dollfie Dream Megurine Luka♩♪♩♬