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~✧The Return of the SD16 Jewels✧~

As Tenshi no Sato opens their special order period for the SD16 Jewel line, we have to wonder if Volks USA customers will be allowed to preorder these gorgeous girls for the next online FCS option period! Let’s hope so. I obviously believe this is the case… but I know I’m not the only one… Continue reading ~✧The Return of the SD16 Jewels✧~

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☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:3☆

Finally we have the most obvious post and one many are already aware of: New head sculpts for summer 2018! It’s a wonderful time because Volks always continues to delight and surprise with their combination of sculpture and painting. It’s so much fun to see the new and beautiful works of art. The new sculpts… Continue reading ☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:3☆

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✧Volks FCS Sculpt Availability Update✧

I’m expecting to have a couple posts about this in the near future as it looks like Full Choice is going to have some new, interesting options this summer. If you have a way to take advantage of Volks FCS in Japan (i.e. friends or family there) it’s helpful to know what exactly is available… Continue reading ✧Volks FCS Sculpt Availability Update✧

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❀ Tenshi no Sato’s 14th Anniversary Fair ❀

Exciting news for Volks VS/VP members in Japan- this weekend is the 14th Anniversary Fair at Tenshi no Sato– and there’s a lot to be excited about! All of the exciting information can be found on Volks Japan’s site dedicated the the event located here. As usual the English version only has the event dates… Continue reading ❀ Tenshi no Sato’s 14th Anniversary Fair ❀

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A Quick Volks Catch Up!

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Hi everyone!☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚ Sorry there’s been such a delay with posting but I have been going through a house move and it’s taken quite a lot out of me. Needless to say, there’s lots of wonderful Volks events coming up so let’s look at a little summary of what is happening currently in doll world:  … Continue reading A Quick Volks Catch Up!

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✿~SD Midi Una is coming~✿

Pretty exciting for Volks VS/VP members: the SD Midi Una event at Tenshi no Sato is coming! They have been sent the most beautiful post card invitation with the gorgeous little girl on the from of the card. ❤ The back is complete with an invitation from Shigeta San. ❤ (larger text for those who… Continue reading ✿~SD Midi Una is coming~✿