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✿~SD Midi Una is coming~✿

Pretty exciting for Volks VS/VP members: the SD Midi Una event at Tenshi no Sato is coming! They have been sent the most beautiful post card invitation with the gorgeous little girl on the from of the card. ❤ The back is complete with an invitation from Shigeta San. ❤ (larger text for those who… Continue reading ✿~SD Midi Una is coming~✿

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⚘ The Seasons of Tenshi no Sato: Part 1 ⚘

The cold, hard truth of being a Super Dollfie fan who does not live in Japan is that many of us will never be able to make the pilgrimage with our beloved dolls to Tenshi no Sato: the headquarters for Volks Super Dollfie. Once we had our Sumika in LA to help ease that pain… Continue reading ⚘ The Seasons of Tenshi no Sato: Part 1 ⚘

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❀Haname at Tenshi no Sato❀

Ever wondered about the seasonal celebrations at Tenshi no Sato? Patrons of Tenshi no Sato in Japan enjoy special dates for flower viewing, haname (花見), delicious themed snacks for humans and even delicately scaled and lovingly created props for beloved dolls. Yet there’s so much more meaning behind these celebrations to inspire us to take… Continue reading ❀Haname at Tenshi no Sato❀

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✧ Volks VIP Membership ✧

Have you ever wondered what exactly Volks VIP Membership is? I know I’ve always wanted to know. It seems like this unattainable, magical status that has so many awesome benefits. I think it’s literally the golden gate to becoming completely enmeshed in ‘Volks Super Dollfie Culture’. Of course -since it is a line of credit-… Continue reading ✧ Volks VIP Membership ✧

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Final Week of Tenshi no Sato Doll Festial!

In case you missed our previous post, it’s the last week of the doll festival at Tenshi no Sato. This final weekend includes the peach blossom festival as well as the announcement of who won SDGr Kasumi. (<— pretty big deal for some people!)  Her picture appears on the Volks Tenshi no Sato blog with… Continue reading Final Week of Tenshi no Sato Doll Festial!

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Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 15

Ah, the thing Volks enthusiasts live for: ❀❀❀❀❀Dolpa!❀❀❀❀❀ Since this is the first Dolpa I’ve covered let’s take a moment to talk about confusing naming conventions. Each time a convention takes place it is given a particular number in succession. Hometown Dolpa will be the 15th event held in Kyoto and is particularly special as… Continue reading Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 15