Super Dollfie Exclusivity

Has a particular Volks doll already caught your fancy? Maybe you’ve found one on social media or through Volks’ amazing instgram or a private owner’s Flickr account… 

Not located in Japan but interested in joining the ranks of Super Dollfie owners? This page is for you. This is where we get to the nitty gritty of how hard it is to attain certain models of Super Dollfie.

As if  things weren’t complicated enough with deciding on a size and style of doll, the availability of certain sculpts/doll designs are based on limited runs and only sold at Volks events. Some of Volks’ most popular dolls are limited to the low hundreds and occasionally even less. Each Super Dollfie arrives with a numbered head plate indicating it’s place in the production line- but no one is 100% certain about the exact number of each doll created!

Standard/Regular EditionsvolksinticonvolksusaiconDealersicon

These dolls are available anytime at the local Japanese sumikas, Volks USA and Volks International. They may say “out of stock” on their pages but the dolls are restocked at regular intervals. You can change and customize them as you please, thereby changing them into your own dream doll as time goes by.

Full Custom Service (FCS):  FCSicon

This method varies  dramatically by location.

In Japan: individuals work  one-on-one with a special “Doll Advisor” and helps you realize your vision of your very own Super Dollfie. Depending on the location within Japan and the sumika there are thousands of different combinations of bodies, head sculpts, eyes, hair, hand, busts, foot and legs options. There is also the ability to choose additional hand and foot options as well as adding a very special “omake outfit” that is only available via FCS.

You will consult with the “Doll Advisor” on the face-up you wish your doll to have. This is truly a doll made to order and that effort is reflected in the price point and the exclusivity of the service. They take 2-3 months to complete. When your doll is completed, the face-up will be recorded and cataloged permanently in case the owner ever opts for renewal. (To learn more about Volks Services please click the link!) You must have a Japanese address to order these dolls.

In North America: Volks USA once offered this service but with the closure of its physical location, that service is no longer available. In its place Volks offers a unique, albeit truncated, service for North American customers. Several times a year Volks allows people to place orders and choose from a very small selection (5-10 different head molds) with standardized face-ups. There is no FCS wig selection nor are the North American customers allowed to select a special “omake” or welcoming outfit. Though many have been grateful for this offering, it showcases only a small fraction of options available.

TENSHINOMONpointAcross the mists of time and in the fair land of Japan at there was once a legendary service called “Dream FCS” at VIP only Volks events. This service would only be available to 3 or so individuals per event and cost around USD $5000.00! In exchange for the loft price tag participants could choose from absolutely any Volks head sculpt -Limited Edition or not- and any other FCS option. They could also choose which Volks artist they would want to paint their face-up. It is truly the experience of dreams with a price tag to match!

Coordinate Model:eventsicon

SD Coordinate Models are usually MSD or SDMidi and released at “Tenshi-no-Mado” in Tokyo and “Tenshi-no-Sato” in Kyoto. A Coordinate Model is a Super Dollfie that comes with all accessories including outfit, wig, and shoes that are selected by the Doll Development/Design Department. When they are released batches they have differing face-ups, skin tones and make-up but the outfits are very similar if not the same. Coordinate models are usually sold on a “first come, first serve basis” in Japan- meaning anyone, even gaijin (nonjapanese individuals) can walk in and purchase them if they are available. Post Volks USA Dolpa there was also been a special event online lottery to sell the SDMidi Coordinate Models used in exhibits on the show room floor. 


Volks Limited Dolls are created from either proprietary or licensed (upon contract with parent companies) intellectual properties for limited runs to be sold at Dolpa. When you really get down to nuances Volks makes their own line of head sculpts for FCS specifically which are not considered limited because you could, theoretically, order one at anytime if you live in Japan. Limited dolls are created in runs specifically for Dolpa events and unless Volks decides to rerelease or the contract between the commercial IP and Volks is renegotiated… well, these dolls may or may not ever been seen again.  This said, Volks does retain the rights to produce/sell these sculpts individually and as such limited dolls do show up as ‘One-Offs’ at events despite no longer being sold commercially. Better news still- if the doll you love is of Volks’ proprietary limited line… there’s a good chance it’ll show again in the future if the doll is deemed popular enough!

Proprietary Limited Lines:

The Dark Knight / 闇の騎士

The Naval Academy / 海軍兵学校

Journey to Dream Nights / 夢夜へのいざない

The Maidens’ Promises / 乙女達の約束 

Echoes of a Beautiful Banquet / 美しき宴の響き

Harajuku Memories / 思い出の街、原宿

Oath of Silver Coin / 銀貨の誓い

Tokyo Boys Story / 東京少年物語

Licensed Limited Lines:

Rozen Maiden


Ah! My Goddess


Creamy Mami

One-Off:eventsicon A Volks one-off is a very special doll and differs from coordinate models in a couple ways: One-offs are usually (but not always) rereleases of limited edition of FCS dolls with outfits designed by various Volks or nonVolks affiliated doll artists. These are generally regarded as collaboration dolls that are only released during dolpa and there is only one of each doll with that particular styling and face-up in exsistence. Even if you were to make a request for an FCS doll with a similar face-up it would not ever be painted the same way as the original one off.

Event Only, FCS, Standard, Limited, One-Offs

TENSHINOMONpointThe very good news is that no matter where your Super Dollfie comes from they are all created with love and attention to detail that is evident in the final product. With the right time, attention and love a standard SD is just as lovely as any one-off.