Shopping with Volks as an Outsider

When  I was dreaming up a relevant page for people shopping with Volks for the dolls there is a certain issue around, well, not living in Japan and not being Japanese. It’s not fault of Volks and it it’s not our fault as consumers but there are some tips and tricks for getting the products you want and harnessing your expectations to avoid disappointment.

Please note that the Volks Inc front page alters the page content based on your detected location. The Japanese website has every event that is coming up and is applicable to individuals who live within Japan and the English website is strictly Volks International products and promotions.  You have the choice to load either page at the top of the page!

If I had a dollar for every complaint I’ve read about Volks business practices, I’d be so flush with cash- I’d be knee deep in Kasumi(s). If you get that reference, bonus points for you! Many people find Volks’ lotteries and restrictive sales practices off-putting. I, on the other hand, love the lotteries and events because it’s so much fun to see what Volks is marketing next and their innovations. I think as a die-hard Volks fan you just have to be okay with existing on the outside of a culture.

It’s not unlike the doll cultures that are separated linguistically. People group and converse with others based on their location and languages. It’s simple. Similarly Volks events are tailored for their local clientele in Japan. Sumika events, parties, classes and perks are really only offered to individuals living within Japan. Japanese customers have a bonus points card and a special membership service and Volks News delivered directly to your door. Being a Volks fan in Japan would be a dream come true.

One fantastic example is a renewal service for LE and FCS dolls? If you have an older head sculpt you are able to, for a fee, trade it into Volks and procure a brand new head! It a wonderful idea that helps to keep owners happy and prevent LE sculpts from the secondary market and recasting- however this is only available in Japan.


In recent years Volks has begun offering all their Dolpa pages in Engish as well as Chinese and Japanese because of the growing number of Super Dollfie fans throughout the world!


My rather long winded point is that if you love these dolls then you can enjoy them, even though you may be an outsider. It will never be the hobby that Japanese people enjoy in their home country but it is still a very rich and beautiful hobby to be in. Volks USA has made many events for Super Dollfie lovers in the USA and we pray that they continue to expand their service and we will support them. I will be updating the blog section with more information as it develops from Volks INC.