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☆Volks USA FCS July Edition Updates!☆

It looks our efforts at tenshonomon.com were not entirely in vain as Volks USA has announced via e-mail that they will open Volks USA FCS for this ordering period with SD F73 and SD F67! That’s great new for people who joined in our poll and wanted to see these dolls come to life in… Continue reading ☆Volks USA FCS July Edition Updates!☆

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♥ Idol Master DD Takagaki Kaede ♥

As announced on the Dollfie Dream Twitter feed in the wee hours of the morning here in North America- the other Doffie Dream for HT Dolpa Sendai 2 in August is Kaede Takagi! This lovely girl has mismatched eye color AND a beauty mark. I am super in love with her unique look. I can’t… Continue reading ♥ Idol Master DD Takagaki Kaede ♥

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☆Phantasy Star Online 2 DD Matoi☆

I swear Volks is coming out with new dolls at the speed of light! Just when everyone was reeling from all the new DDs here is Phantasy Star Online 2 DD Matoi! She’ll be available as a presale product at Hometown Dolpa Sendai 2 in August and available as a lottery event online at a later… Continue reading ☆Phantasy Star Online 2 DD Matoi☆

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♪Doll Point D’coord Updates!♪

Dollfie Dream lovers can rejoice: In a silent update to D’coord options… DDH11 is now available in sunlight skin as a regular restock option for the D’coord line. Though no one can truly say what color combination Volks will stock next for DDH11 head sculpt. It is always random at Doll Point which is part of… Continue reading ♪Doll Point D’coord Updates!♪

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☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:3☆

Finally we have the most obvious post and one many are already aware of: New head sculpts for summer 2018! It’s a wonderful time because Volks always continues to delight and surprise with their combination of sculpture and painting. It’s so much fun to see the new and beautiful works of art. The new sculpts… Continue reading ☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:3☆

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☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:2☆

Volks Japan FCS Options Part 2 is literally all about the new ‘recommended make-up’ feature that Volks Japan will now be offering at sumikas in Japan. It’s actually a pretty cool service for people who want a gorgeous doll but aren’t sure what to ask for at the counter. Please check out all the details… Continue reading ☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:2☆

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☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:1☆

What a lovely Friday for new options in Volks Japan FCS! We’ve got new sculpts and a totally new way of ordering dolls via Volks Japan. No, it’s not online FCS for the world wide market or the addition of SDGr girls but it is something a bit different that may benefit the way people do… Continue reading ☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:1☆