Meet-up July 15th 2018

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Japanese Summer Festival
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✧○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○✧Meet-up Postmortem✧○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○✧

I wanted to officially thank everyone who participated in the meet-up officially and those who ‘dropped by’ to see what the meet-up would be like. We had such a lovely gathering of people that Dragon’s Lair was very impressed and offered us to join their public roster of local groups and has been kind enough to offer us space in the future. This is all due to the everyone coming out and supporting BJD culture in amazing Austin, TX!

  • We had music by the amazing Aun-J Orchestra
  • A giant photo space for with a lovely image of the sacred Mt. Fuji
  • Gift bags with snacks, paper fans and… goldfish with paper paddles for catching them?! XD
  • Chai green tea (which will next time be a weather appropriate drink! i.e. SOMETHING COLD!)
  • Super awesome BJD Furniture and Props created by the amazing and talented AWDANG- please check out her Etsy store!
  • Most importantly there was a variety of dolls in such shapes and sizes it was a completely inspirational event and their lovely and amazing owners. ❤

Please enjoy the photos below and feel free to join us if you are ever in town during one of our meets. I can honestly say it is a lovely group of kind human beings who are genuinely supporting each other in the hobby. Thank you to everyone who participated! ❤