Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop November Meet-Up


A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who showed up! It was so wonderful to see new faces at this meet-up and welcome you all to the Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop! Many successful swaps were completed and everyone left with something special by the end of the night. It’s all of you who make this meet-up group work so thank you so much for participating. ❤


Hi everyone!

This time around we’re trying something a bit different and inspired by emac on DoA and of her wonderful Etsy store as well:


NOVEMBER 18TH at the Dragon’s Lair at 6pm

There will still be tea and snacks but this meet-up is a touch more informal. There are no gift bags or guest list this time around- it’s open admission! I’m still taking donations for food and drink if people would like to help out- it’s always appreciated though never mandatory:

Thank you so much!


This is your chance to clear out your closet from all of the extra items you may have and just don’t use… here’s some guidelines written up by emac to help get you started on the path to success for this meet-up:


♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ SWAP MEET GUIDELINES ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥


♥ All items must be reasonably clean and dry. (AKA If your item is heavily stained with a mystery stain(s) or soiled… please leave it at home)


♥ All items other than large ones (such as dolls/doll parts and furniture) must be individually bagged, identified (with sizing), and priced. This does not have to be fancy — Ziploc bags are perfectly fine. Prices can be displayed however you like, but they must correspond to the individual item: written on the bag, written on a piece of paper inside or taped to the bag, written on a price tag attached to the item itself, etc. If you are selling items as a “lot” or bundle, you can package them together, but you need to write out what items are included in the bundle and their individual sizes.


♥ If you are selling dolls/doll parts, bring all items of provenance for that doll — boxes, COAs, sales receipts/order histories (either printed or digital) — so that the new owner will not be missing any items. 🙂


♥ Individual swap participants can decide if they prefer to sell or if they will barter/trade. If a swap participant declines to trade or declines to sell, please respect their decision and do not badger them. The same goes for whether a swap participant will accept “best offers” or discount their items.


♥ Individual swap participants can choose whether to accept Paypal payments or only cash. We recommend that you bring cash just in case, but if someone is selling a high-dollar item, all parties involved may prefer to use Paypal or another online funds transfer method.


♥ Please let nakitaninja know ahead of time whether you want to sell/swap or just want to browse/buy, as that will let us set accurate expectations for all attendees. You are not required to bring sell/swap items in order to attend! 🙂


♥ Sell/swap at your own risk! Do your due diligence with any purchase or trade — ask questions and inspect the merchandise (politely and with clean hands of course!). Participation in this swap meet does not grant any kind of price protection or mediation between swap/sale partners.





1) clothing & shoes –> can be any size and for any doll, except for NO COMMERCIALLY-MADE BARBIE/MH/FASHION DOLL CLOTHES; can be handmade, commercially made, from Etsy shops, repurposed from other doll types (with only the exception above), secondhand or brand new, etc


2) accessories/props –> can be handmade, commercially made, from Etsy shops, repurposed, secondhand or brand new, etc; Gashapon/ReMent items are allowed within reason (do not bring ONLY ReMent, for instance)


3) furniture –> can be handmade, commercially made, from Etsy shops, repurposed, secondhand or brand new, etc.


4) dolls (full dolls, heads, bodies, parts — both new and secondhand) –> doll types allowed can be thought of as “DOA+”, meaning that any dolls that are on-topic for DOA are definitely allowed, and dolls that are off-topic for DOA may qualify for this depending on the specific doll; dolls must generally meet the following requirements to be allowed:


♥ Dolls must be strung with tension, or use an internal jointed skeleton (in the case of Vindoll/Obitsu/Dollfie Dream)
♥ Dolls must be articulated primarily with ball-and-socket joints (artist dolls with a limited number of hinge or swivel joints are allowed if they also have ball-and-socket joints)
♥ Dolls must have functional joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees (Dolls that do not have these body parts or that have non-human anatomy will be evaluated case by case)
♥ Vindoll, SmartDoll, Dollfie Dream, and Obitsu ARE allowed
♥ Mirodoll heads and bodies ARE allowed
♥ Commercial fashion dolls (Barbie, MH, EAH, etc) are NOT allowed
♥ Blythe, Pullip, Jun Planning, and other similar type dolls are NOT allowed 


**If you currently own a recast doll but want to “go legit”, please do not hesitate to talk to nakitaninja or emac about it! Promoting recasts, starting or encouraging pro-recast or recast-neutral discussions, attempting to sell recasts, or otherwise supporting recast dolls or recast sellers are all grounds for being asked to leave the meet and will result in your removal from the Kerbey Lane Doll Workshop email list and online group.**