Welcoming Super Dollfie

The methods of acquiring dolls relies directly on your location and your address. While anyone may walk in and purchase dolls in stock at a sumika in Japan, event dolls, limiteds and one-offs are only available to Japanese locals who have VIP access to Volks Inc. events and/or a local address.

The Angel’s Gate is here to help you navigate the murky waters of what is available and when and where! The following icons are found throughout our pages on Volks dolls and are guides to let you know where you can find Super Dollfies if your home address is not in Japan.

FCSicon Full Custom Service. These dolls are only available via FCS in Japan or within North America. FCS in this description is referred to in a general fashion as the FCS offered in Japan is vastly more detailed in options and ordering than it’s North American counterpart. Please refer to the FCS page for more information! When you see this icon it means the only way to acquire this doll is via an FCS order.

Dolpalottoicon.pngLimited Dolls are introduced at Dolpa and people living within Japan who wish to purchase these dolls may enter for them at the event. Subsequently for the rest of the limited Dollfie loving world (& depending on licensing) the remaining stock of limited dolls is offered in an online lottery on Volks International and very occasionally Volks USA for special events. Whether in person or online the lottery system allows consumers to enter within certain date and later the stock will be allocated to lucky entrants. When you see this icon it means the only way for a nonresident of Japan to win a Dolpa Lottery doll is to enter online and win or to purchase from a second-hand dealer.

TENSHINOMONpointIn rare cases if a doll is less popular it is possible that it will not sell out during any of the lotteries held. If this is the case then it is possible that the limited doll will be offered for sale on Volks International to anyone who wishes to purchase.


eventsicon For our purposes this icon really means: EVENTS ONLY. Coming in all shapes and sizes these dolls are won via a special bingo tournament at Dolpa, others are lottery One-Offs or One-Offs created for special charity auctions. There is absolutely no other way of attaining this these particular dolls. The only exception to this rule is buying them from another owner/dealer second hand, though this is rarely offered and the price tag will be steep.

It should also be noted that the “event” category includes dolls won at angel event lotteries. Though these are technically limited dolls (more than one is created and for sale) they are only purchased through special “VIP” Volks events which means that you must hold a VIP membership with Volks. This means you must have a Japanese bank account and apply directly with Volks Inc. for membership to even attend the event and enter the lottery. Though they are won via lottery their exclusivity to special events (Dolpas Not Included!) makes them very difficult to find.

When you see the “events”  icon it means this very rare doll that due to its design, face-up or body type is truly limited in number, if not the only one in existence.

TENSHINOMONpointIt’s a well known fact that Volks Inc. frowns upon the resale of its exceptionally rare and tiniest tenshi dolls: Hikari Tenshi, Sei-Tenshi and Rei-Tenshi. Wining such a special event doll in dolpa bingo is a rare honor bestowed upon few. There are many fans who dream of such an experience!


volksinticon Volks international Web Shop. This is the one stop shop for everything Super Dollfie if you do not reside in Japan. Volks International offers lotteries for limited dolls called “after events” and even provides leftover stock of limited dolls online in their webshop. Clothes, option parts, tools, materials and even Super Dollfie furniture is all provided from their retail store. This is the best place to begin exploring the world of Super Dollfie.

volksusaicon Volks USA. This webshop services North America only. This includes Canada, Mexico and (of course) the USA. Their offerings are vastly truncated compared to the Volks international store due to their downsizing in 2014. They still offer lovely special events for North American fans, standard dolls and occasionally have limited outfit releases months after Dolpa has concluded. This gives North American customers a special chance at limited outfits. It should be noted that they are currently closed and working on their website again as their ISP/store architecture fails under the burden of the traffic it receives during special event sales. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we see Volks USA open again soon!

Dealersicon Second-hand Dealers. Some Dollfie enthusiasts don’t even view this as a legitimate way to attain Super Dollfie but many fans use secondary dealers to find the doll of their dream. Are you looking for a very hard to find Super Dollfie and don’t mind paying double the retail price? This method may be for you! This is occasionally the only way to purchase event limited dolls that would be otherwise unattainable for nonresidents of Japan!