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☆彡Volks USA FCS Poll Campaign☆彡

I wanted to let everyone know about the updates to the Volks USA FCS Poll Campaign! I’ve added two prizes for people who share the poll on Instagram and on Facebook. It’s the Tangle Teezer brush which is amazing for both DD and SD wigs. I am hoping it is something that everyone can use… Continue reading ☆彡Volks USA FCS Poll Campaign☆彡

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Volks USA Online Full Choice System – May Edition!

Written by Chobittum/Edited by Tenshi no Mon   Hi Volks fans, it’s that time again – the Volks USA Online FCS has started for the month of May! This round will go from May 1st to May 10th. Online FCS was skipped last month due to site maintenance, which means that the SD16 round was… Continue reading Volks USA Online Full Choice System – May Edition!

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❆ Don’t Forget Your Ice Skates! ❆

With 2018 Volks USA has announced that they are bringing the LE products back to North America! It’s been truly wonderful for all collectors of everything 1/3. With this joyous news we have also had the benefit of, once again, ordering limited edition Volks News items as well. Usually it is wigs or eyes but… Continue reading ❆ Don’t Forget Your Ice Skates! ❆

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Volks Prototype: Dollfie Icon

This is, admittedly, an older story but one that was not particularly addressed in the various doll forums due to the subject matter… a hybridization of volks styles and product lines: Dollfie Icon. Out of all the news that came from L.A. Dolpa the Dollfie Icon was, perhaps, my favorite lead. It was mentioned only… Continue reading Volks Prototype: Dollfie Icon

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✸Volks USA Online FCS Start✸

Today marks the period for Volks USA to begin their online FCS campaign for those living in North America. It’s been rather quiet leading up to this event which makes us all wonder which heads will be joining FCS for this order period. Usually Volks USA has lots of information about upcoming sculpts but perhaps… Continue reading ✸Volks USA Online FCS Start✸

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Volks USA Lottery for DDS Sailor Moon

I’m thrilled to say that Volks USA will be holding a special lottery for DDS Sailor Moon and her special transformation outfit. You may enter at Volks USA March 1st through March 10th. This is amazing news for everyone who loved Sailor Moon here in the USA but didn’t get a chance to welcome her… Continue reading Volks USA Lottery for DDS Sailor Moon

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Dolpa 38 Lottery at Volks USA!

Don’t forget on February 23rd that Volks USA is hosting the Dolpa 38 collection for lottery! There are no Sailor Moon items as that IP appears to have been a Japan release only. Undoubtedly highlights are Snowlight Rabbit Set which is based on the Dollfie World Cup illustration from 2015 and comes complete with shoes. It’s… Continue reading Dolpa 38 Lottery at Volks USA!