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🛍 Shopping Site Updates! 🛍

A quick post today to point your attention to the most amazing, thorough post: A Guide to Buying Volks Dolls on the Second Hand Market by the talented and lovely Chobittum! Chobittum undertook the mammoth task of compiling a magnificent guide on how to shop for your beloved Super Dollfies via the ‘second-hand market’. Using second-hand… Continue reading 🛍 Shopping Site Updates! 🛍

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✬Water Slide Decal Tutorial✬

Do you have a SDGr Belldandy? DD Mike Hatsune? DD Beatrice or MDD Maria? All these Volks dolls have something very special in common: they all require waterslide decals to complete their characters. This is a particular scary proposition for SDGr Belldandy as her decals require installation upon her face-up. If you were lucky enough… Continue reading ✬Water Slide Decal Tutorial✬

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❀Needful Hobby Items for Under $10❀

Sometimes being successful in a hobby -at least speaking to me being somewhat pleased with my work (I never truly am!)- requires the right tools. I do buy most of my supplies on amazon.com because they arrive quickly and have great prices. The items I have begun with below are genuine items I have purchased… Continue reading ❀Needful Hobby Items for Under $10❀