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☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:1☆

What a lovely Friday for new options in Volks Japan FCS! We’ve got new sculpts and a totally new way of ordering dolls via Volks Japan. No, it’s not online FCS for the world wide market or the addition of SDGr girls but it is something a bit different that may benefit the way people do… Continue reading ☆Volks Japan New FCS Options Part:1☆

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✧Volks FCS Sculpt Availability Update✧

I’m expecting to have a couple posts about this in the near future as it looks like Full Choice is going to have some new, interesting options this summer. If you have a way to take advantage of Volks FCS in Japan (i.e. friends or family there) it’s helpful to know what exactly is available… Continue reading ✧Volks FCS Sculpt Availability Update✧

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Tenshi no Mado Golden Window Fair 2018

Something lovely this way comes… and it’s the Tenshi no Mado Golden Window Fair 2018【天使の窓 ~Golden Window Fair 2018~】! This amazing event is being held at the “Window of Angel” or better known as Tenshi no Mado. It’s an amazing Volks sumika located in Harajuku, Tokyo that is gorgeous and plays host to numerous special… Continue reading Tenshi no Mado Golden Window Fair 2018