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No Smart Dolls at HTD Sendai 2

Let me start off this potentially volatile post by saying that no creative endeavor flourishes in a vacuum. It’s this writer’s opinion that both Smart Doll and Dollfie Dreams hold a very special place in the vinyl doll market and each pushes the other to make better products. Even though this is a Volks blog… Continue reading No Smart Dolls at HTD Sendai 2

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★ New Feature!★

This idea came about as a result of all the debate that arises once a new dolls is announced. It really doesn’t matter if a doll is DD, SD or whatever- there’s always a flutter of excitement and all fans begin to wildly speculate on the availability of new products. It causes so much angst… Continue reading ★ New Feature!★

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Volks Disappointment At Nihonbashi Takashimaya

***UPDATE*** It seems as though Volks answer to their issue is to host the event again in May at Nihonbashi Takashimaya . This time give people numbers upon their arrival which will designate their place in line. This is how most Dolpas are run to avoid the scalping issue in the first place. Please see the… Continue reading Volks Disappointment At Nihonbashi Takashimaya

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🛍 Shopping Site Updates! 🛍

A quick post today to point your attention to the most amazing, thorough post: A Guide to Buying Volks Dolls on the Second Hand Market by the talented and lovely Chobittum! Chobittum undertook the mammoth task of compiling a magnificent guide on how to shop for your beloved Super Dollfies via the ‘second-hand market’. Using second-hand… Continue reading 🛍 Shopping Site Updates! 🛍