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HT Dolpa Sendai 2 DD Birthday Present Ticket

There seems to be an unending amount of items/events to look forward to happening at HT Dolpa Sendai 2! One such promotion is the “HT Dolpa Sendai 2 DD Birthday Present Ticket”. This is a special part of the Birthday/Anniversary of Mirai and Cindy- the first Dollfie Dreams that Volks brought to market. This special item… Continue reading HT Dolpa Sendai 2 DD Birthday Present Ticket

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✧Volks USA FCS July Edition✧

Written by Chobittum/Edited by Tenshi no Mon Hi Volks fans! The Volks USA Online FCS has started for the month of July. This round will go from July 1st to July 10th at 6pm Pacific Time. This month’s FCS has been hotly anticipated due to the brand new sculpts that are available (hopefully due in… Continue reading ✧Volks USA FCS July Edition✧

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~Volks USA at Anime Expo & Miku Expo~

Volks USA is planning some events for one of the largest anime conventions in the USA: Anime Expo. Folks who attend will be treated to – not only a Volks booth- but a special pop-up gallery of the Fate/Stay History in the world of Dollfie Dream. It’s a pretty cool incentive to attend the convention if… Continue reading ~Volks USA at Anime Expo & Miku Expo~

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Volks Website Store and Paypal

In what can only be described as an interesting decision, Volks Website Store has decided to stop accepting Paypal payments. The decision could be related to the business fees Volks would accrue from a ‘middle man’ like Paypal- particularly with the volume of business they so online(also why many people illegally charge their buyers for… Continue reading Volks Website Store and Paypal

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♪Volks DDH11 Auction♪

♬♩♪♩ Good morning! ♩♪♩♬ I hope everyone is well. I wanted to announce a special sale today of the DDH11 head from Volks Doll Point Akihabara. There’s a lot fo request for this particular sculpt and I am happy to help if I can make someone’s dream come true. ❤ Please ask any and all questions… Continue reading ♪Volks DDH11 Auction♪

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SDGr Lorina II now available on YJ!

With delivery of SDGr Lorina II happening across Japan, it was bound to happen: Lorina II is officially up for sale on YJ!… … but the price may make you cringe! After all the national and international fame the incident at ‘Nihonbashi Takashimaya Incident’  the starting price for this girl is 400,000 yen (USD 3,636.00) with a… Continue reading SDGr Lorina II now available on YJ!