Are Volks Dolls For Me?

Tenshi no Sato Spring 2010 LINUXHACKER.RU

At one time I laughed at the thought of owning a doll that was nearly 2 feet tall. I thought the breasts/body shape of the anime dolls were totally ridiculous and developed from an innate cultural misogynism. What would be the point of even looking at these things? Surely people who bought into this ‘doll collecting culture’ were completely different from myself…? That was when I began my research and started skidding down the slippery slope of falling in love with this hobby and these dolls.

Once I visited the Volks USA website quite a few years ago and directly fell in love with SD10 Megu and I also fell in love with their anime styled Dollfie Dream dolls. Then I began to start investigating owners, their pictures and everything that went into styling their gorgeous creations and I was sold at the malleable nature of these lovely creations.

Dolls really do encompass almost every creative endeavor one can have- you can make clothing for them, paint them, style their hair, completely change their wigs, photography, create photo-stories… essentially you can make this hobby anything you wish it to be and better yet: if you change over time, your dolls can change with you. Then there’s sharing your creations with the world via social media and on forums. Dolls can help people reach out, make friends and live more fully!

Dolls -no matter what brand- can be a beloved hobby companion for your entire life and enhance your experience.

That said there are some specific questions for people seeking to own Volks dolls:

  • Are you independently wealthy or do you mind living on a budget to afford your dolly purchases?
  • Do you have room for a very large doll that needs a permanent place to reside in your home?
  • Do you enjoy exclusive events?
  • Do you enjoy Japanese culture?
  • Would it matter to you if the parent company of your beloved hobby product placed it’s native customers first and gave the majority of its international clientele secondary access to their products?
  • Do you mind spending 30 minutes+ online attempting to buy limited outfits for your beloved doll?
  • Are you a stickler for quality and expect a uniformly high quality product for your money?
  • Are customs fees on expensive items (over USD $1000.00) going to be an issue for you?
  • If you do not have the ability to travel to Japan or know Japanese, do you mind missing all special events pertaining to the brand?

These are just a few questions that are important when deciding to enter the hobby of collecting, tending and loving your (Volks) dolls!


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