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୨୧˚Snow Miku 2019˚୨୧

Keeping with tradition, Volks has announced they will make the 2019 outfit set for DD Snow Miku!  With this outfit, DD Snow Miku or Hatsune Miku can transform into a beautiful winter princess.

Snow Miku is the mascot of Hokkaido in wintertime.  She is accompanied by her rabbit friend Yukine.  Together they star in a winter festival to brighten up the winter.  From the official Snow Miku website:

What is “SNOW MIKU”?

“SNOW MIKU” is the character who enlivens the wintery Hokkaido.

The design is based on “a pure white snow sculpture of ‘Hatsune Miku,'” that was created for “Sapporo Snow Festival 2010.” Since then, a “SNOW MIKU” festival using “SNOW MIKU” as a main character has been held in Hokkaido every year.

The costume design for “SNOW MIKU” is selected in an online competition on different themes every year, and the theme for 2019 is “the princess with the image of Hokkaido snow.

“SNOW MIKU” will liven up Hokkaido this winter, together with all of you creators, as it has done for several years!

What is “Rabbit Yukine”?

“Rabbit Yukine” is a character as a pet of “SNOW MIKU” and was designed using lepus timidus ainu (a kind of mountain hare) as a motif.

It was born by being chosen as “SNOW MIKU”‘s pet, the character based on animals in winter of Hokkaido, from among the public.  “Rabbit Yukine” livens up wintery Hokkaido with “SNOW MIKU”.

A fun part of the festivities is the annual design competition.  Artists compete do design the perfect outfit for Snow Miku based on that year’s theme.  This year, the the is “the princess with the image of Hokkaido in snow.”  The winning design is by – L F -.  It perfectly represents the image of a cute and elegant snow princess!  The official illustration based on the design is by Miku’s original designer, KEI.

Volks will display the Snow Miku 2019 set February 4 – February 11 at the Sapporo Snow Festival.  Additionally, there is an exclusive early ordering period limited to Volks’ Sapporo showroom from Febrary 9 through March 3.  Presumably, sales to the rest of Japan and internationally will open after this early order ends.

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