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*All LE Dolls Available at DP40 Afterevent*

For those who doubted we now have confirmation that Volks X Rose of Versailles and Volks X Sailor Moon coming to the International After Event!

Excellent news for those Sailor Moon and Rose of Versailles fans who have been anxiously awaiting Volks’ decision on whether to offer their dolls in the Dolpa 40 After Event….. the dolls will be up for lottery!

Though the English and other language sites are not yet up, Volks has updated the AE site to provide details on how the lottery will function. For people wanting to enter for Lady Oscar, Andre Grandier, Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mars, the program will go like so:

  • Entries for the lottery will be open for 24 hours, from the 19th to the 20th of January. Miss the date and you won’t get a shot!
  • About a week later, from 29th of January to the 1st of February, anyone who won a doll will receive an email (if they entered online), or a phone call (if they entered at a store front). If you didn’t win, you won’t hear anything unfortunately, so keep your eyes and ears open (check your Spam box too!).
  • If you won the doll(s) of your choice, you then have from the 2nd to the 10th of February to pay for them. Volks will begin shipping in sequence from this time period.

If you are entering online, there is a special website that you will need to enter through (at time of writing, this has not been published on the web by Volks), called “Hobby Heaven Web”. You can find the link to this website at (link published above). You will also need to create an online membership with the Volks website as soon as possible – the AE page has a big red warning to create an account, otherwise you won’t be able to purchase!

Some warnings:

  • This is a lottery to be chosen to buy the doll. It doesn’t mean you win it free of cost, this is simply one of the ways in Japan that people are selected to be allowed to buy things. So, please don’t enter the lottery without the money to purchase!
    1. If you win and you don’t pay, Volks will be less likely to select you as a winner for a doll in the future (though the way they do this is not specified).
  • You can only enter ONCE for each doll. More than one entry for each separate doll will be invalidated. That means no store-front AND web, you have to pick one way to enter.


In summary: don’t miss the deadline, and make sure you have the money to pay in case you win!



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