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♥Volks X Pinkhouse♥

As we turn our head to what Volks bring us in 2019…

One of the larger announcements to come out of Dolpa this year is Volks announcing a planned collaboration with the Japanese Fashion Brand ‘Pink House‘. This is always inspiring as Volks proprietary outfit styles have been fairly consistent over the last 5 years with a lot of the same outfits coming around twice- I’m not complaining as I’ll buy another beloved ensemble in a different color! Still, it’s nice to see new, fresh collaborations coming along in the future.

If it’s anything like the past collaboration dolls and outfits are more ornate and detailed than non-fashion releases. Volks has accomplished outside fashion collaborations like these in the past- most notably with Lolita Brand ‘Baby the Stars Shine Bright’ which has proven a perfect fit for their dolls. As a collector and an appreciator I feel like we get to see the best of both brands when a collaboration comes together- it’s truly an exquisite result.

It’s also worth mention that the last release of SDGr Girls Lucia and Mia were promoted by Volks to come from a ‘Fashion House’. When we contacted Volks to see if this was a collaboration as they had advertised neither Volks Japan, Volks USA nor Galerie de l’esprit had any comment or further contact. The “Galerie de l’esprit” brand is officially owned and created by Volks.

So what exactly *is* Pink House? What can, Volks outside of Japan who have little to know familiarity with the ‘Japan only’ label expect? It’s always an interesting topic to delve into, so let’s take a peak…

Yup, that’s what it says. You can expect this line to be traditionally feminine and embody the fashion aesthetic called Natural Kei. It is closest to what I consider Mori Girl fashion but with a modern, wearable flair. I found the most helpful, wonderful blog on Natural Kei by the Moss Märchen. Their explanation of the fashion is very relatable and sheds some light on the description offered by the website:

Natural kei is a fashion that sprung up in Japan in the 1970s. It has a period, pastoral look– like something from another time. Above all else, this style promotes being natural and feminine. The ideal, romantic lifestyle and period fashions from Western literary classics such as Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and Little House on the Prairie were most likely one influence on the creation of natural kei because those series were very popular with young Japanese girls around that time.”

(I literally can’t recommend the Moss Märchen enough for more information about the brand and Japanese fashion in general- please check out their site!)

Pink House has been a presence in Japanese fashion for over 30 years now, so it will be interesting to see what they develop for our most beloved Super Dollfies. Given that their ‘human sized’ clothing can retail for anywhere from USD 200 for smaller, less intricate items to well over 900 for their ‘one-piece’ dresses… well, I think it’s safe to say you should probably start saving now if you are going to try and chase down these sets/dolls/whatever Volks has planned.

At any rate, Pink House is a perfect line for Volks girls- particularly SD/SD13 sized girls and Dear SD. I have a feeling we’re going to see some older sculpts come back this year from the early fashion collaboration lines (think Kurumi, Mikuru, Luna, Rose and Bianka) so perhaps this would be a good fit for any girl you can imagine would look good in a design that evokes her ‘intrinsic gentleness’. I will (personally) be thrilled to see any of the recent SD13 boys dressed in this theme as well because they will be beautiful!

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of their fall/winter magazine last time I visited and I am thrilled to share some of the images of Pink House fashion with you:



What do you think of the potential for this line-up? I think we’re in for a fantastic Volks 2019 Season!

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