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Volks Website Store Is Back Up for Japan…

… and it’s weird looking.

I’m all for revamping inventory systems and working on the overall look of websites but I am genuinely conflicted with these changes.

To be fair Volks says they are still working on the “overseas” version of the website and perhaps it will be different… but in all likelihood it will look very similar. I think the main difference (and please feel free to chime in if I am wrong) is that the website will now be divided into two different shops- one for Japan and one for “everywhere else”. In the past it was one unified webshop with a Japanese or English language setting and everyone -Japanese and “everyone else” would have to shop together. Now Japanese customers will have an entire website at their disposal to browse goods just for them.

I, personally, have mixed feelings about this change? It’s one I wasn’t aware of  when the new website changes were announced. Perhaps it will allow inventory to be allocated properly but the division is concerning. Given that Volks already supports their local customers so much, how will that impact the limited stock allocated for different areas? Will they begin to accept Paypal again for international customers? Has Volks simply grown so much that they need one set of staff to work on international orders and one for their orders in Japan? There’s tons of questions and no answers in sight…

…at least not until we have to deal with the Dolpa 40 clickwars what are looming on the horizon.

I suppose my greatest concern is that Volks will streamline their sales system for their own convenience at the cost of the customer’s shopping experience. This is something that has happened time and again at Volks USA and they’ve been kind enough to make accommodations  as most Volks fans despise clickwars.  Only time will tell, I suppose.

We’ve mentioned the notable changes in our previous post here at It’s also worth mentioning that the server migration that was only theoretically going to take until December 20th was shifted to the 21st and is currently going to be back up: TBA. They have also suspended any new account creation until 2019. Customers with existing accounts can look forward to placing orders on the new, improved(?) store potentially as early as next week.

I’m curious to hear what you think of the changes? Do you find them concerning or are you hopeful this will lead to better things in a bright & shiny 2019?

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