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✧Sailors Mercury and Mars Join the Team✧

Mercury Power, Make Up!  Mars Power, Make Up!

Fans of Naoko Takeuchi’s classic shojo hit Sailor Moon will be thrilled to hear that two more Inner Senshi are joining DDS Sailor Moon!  Yes, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars – the first two Senshi to join Usagi in her mission to protect the Earth – will be making their debut as Dollfie Dream Sisters this weekend at Dolpa 40!

Presenting Sailor Mercury: Guardian of Justice and Wisdom!

As the Guardian of Wisdom, Ami can easily be called the brainiac of the group.  She may not be the strongest fighter, but her quick thinking and smart plans often help the Senshi out of a pinch.

I love how Volks designed Ami’s eyes.  She looks very bright and sweet!

And now, presenting Sailor Mars: Guardian of Flame and Passion!

Rei naturally has power over fire as the Guardian of Flame, but she also has strong spiritual powers from her training as a miko shrine maiden, including precognition and the ability to banish evil spirits!

An interesting detail – it appears as if Volks is using silk dupioni, a fabric highly prized for its distinct texture and rich shine, for Sailor Mars’ fuku skirt and collar. This is a difference from Usagi and Ami’s outfits, as they both feature a smooth fabric.  Perhaps the texture gives the impression of a flickering fire, as light plays over the bumps in the fabric.

Both girls are Dollfie Dream Sisters, and both are using the newly updated f³ frame.  They are among the first limited DDS girls to use the upgrade!

Are you interested in bringing Mercury or Mars (or both) home?  They will be available during the Volks International Dolpa 40 After Event in January, and like Sailor Moon, we anticipate that they will come to Volks USA as well.  Stay tuned!

Nakita chiming in! Though this post is written by the amazing River, I wanted to chime in with a little bit of an editorial opinion on these two beautiful girls. I’m a big Sailor Moon fan and bought the original Volks Sailor Moon release- twice. I wanted to love her each time but the quality of her outfit was problematic. As you can see above the gloves don’t fit and if you press the issue- they’ll tear easily. The outfit issues are something to be aware of if you plan on ordering these beautiful dolls. 

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