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Volks International Website Updates!

 Volks Inc. has announced that the International website will be down as they transition to a new system. The official dates of the downtime are from December 12 to December 20, 2018. During this time, the website store will be inaccessible. Of course, any orders made before December 12 will still be processed and shipped out when ready, even while the website is down.

Note: This downtime will only affect the Volks International store website.  Non-store pages such as Dolpa 40 information will still be accessible.

This update is part of Volks’ ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience and make their sites more user-friendly. This time, they are planning to update the page design and the search tool. This should make navigating Volks’ numerous product lines far easier.

Additionally, there will be two changes that will affect customers directly. The first is a required password change: If you have an account on Volks International, you will be required to reset your password after the update is complete. Presumably, this is to ensure the security of customer data after the transition.

The second major change will change the cart and inventory system. Before the update, adding an item to your cart reserved the item for you, meaning that it was effectively removed from inventory and no one else could purchase it before you either finished the transaction or removed the item from the cart. After the update, items will not be reserved when added to cart. It will only be removed from inventory after payment is complete.

I anticipate that this change to the cart system will be unpopular as it will have a large effect on After Event releases (AKA the dreaded click wars). Up until now, managing to get an item into your cart during an event was a guarantee that you could purchase it. With the new system, it’s possible that items will disappear from your cart before you can complete checking out. This will raise the stakes even higher for highly desirable items.

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