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Snow Miku? Faux Miku!?

Well, this post has been coming for a bit now- did you appreciate the title? (I’m a regular Shauna Malwae-Tweep!)<3

I think over on the Dollfie Dreams forum I started the thread about fake Dollfie Dreams in 2011 and there really weren’t any at the time. I was sending out a feeling because I thought it was such an odd idea that another company would take on vinyl dolls in an attempt to make a fake one. Dollfie Dreams are not just about a ‘sculpt’ as with resin. DDs have a TON of parts and accessories that make their characters complete so it’d be tough to make a fake one…

… but not impossible! In the eight years since I made that original post Volks has licensed a particular character that is a huge hit all over the globe- Miku Hatsune. She’s sopopular that she is -as far as I know- the most elaborate fake Dollfie Dream to ever hit the market. We’ll call her Faux Miku from here on out.

Though the term “sculpt” doesn’t really apply to this doll and there’s where the reproduction falls severely short. Bleh.


This fake hits home on the Volks’ system for selling their items- the limited run model. I’m a fan of this model but there’s something to be said for releasing your products often enough and at affordable prices so recasts and bootlegs don’t cut into your market. Luckily the quality on this “fake DD” is so low I can’t imagine anyone finding it a true replacement for a Dollfie Dream.


You won’t find links to that doll here- just images. We don’t support theft and you should buy the official volks products because…. good grief, look at it… it’s hideous.



As you can see above the box is an exact rip off though and it even features the Dollfie Dream/Volks logo on it. *facepalm*

…and in the Dollfie Dream community there was much teeth gnashing and hair pulling- i.e. people being triggered beyond reason by this affront to their beloved Dollfie Dream product. (I mean, I love dolls too, I get it- I just don’t like the panicked all caps posts. It gets super old really quickly.) However, it’s the opinion of this writer that if this is the quality bar of fake Dollfie Dreams then we really don’t have that much to worry about.

Is it a blatant rip off? Yes.

Is that wrong? Of course.

Should anyone pay anything for this item? NO.

…but good grief… look at Faux Miku’s face. It’s like the first edition vinyl Sailor Moon dolls and the very first vinyl Little Mermaid dolls has a baby and tried to dress it up like Snow Miku. It’s not good- it’s actively very bad. I honestly don’t believe Faux Miku presents a huge threat to the Dollfie Dream product line.

Fans have brought Faux Miku to the attention of Volks Japan who has responded by making the cutest, saddest graphic about the whole incident and have notified their general fan base of the situation:

(NG = NO GOOD btw)

So I suppose we now have to say this too about vinyl dolls: please buy legit. Although I can’t imagine any fan of Dollfie Dream ever thinking buying this item is the same product as listed on the Volks product page but…. there you have it.


As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. ❤ Thank you for reading! PLEASE BUY LEGIT DOLLS!


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