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Special SD “Sweetheart” Hands Preorder!

Along with the release of Volks News 81, Volks USA has announced a special treat: They are bringing the special “Sweetheart” option hand part for SDs to North America!

While VOLKS offers many types of option hands for Super Dollfies, they have several hand types that are more exclusive – including these special Sweetheart hands, also known as Nakayoshi hands (Holding Hands), which are only available during certain events.  The last time they appeared was in 2014 when Volks challenged the Guinness World Record for Longest Line of Dolls.  Participants received a Sweetheart hand part as a thank-you gift for loaning their Dollfie to Volks for the challenge.

Now the Sweetheart hands make an appearance once again as the limited item for Volks News 81.  And this time, they are available in North America as a special pre-order from Volks USA!

Five sizes are available:

  • YoSD + YoSD
  • MSD + MSD
  • SD + SD
  • SD + SD13B (includes 1 SDGr Wrist Joint)
  • SD17 + SD17 (also compatible with SDGOU)

These Sweetheart hands are perfect to display couples or best friends holding hands.

Or perhaps. . . for a more dramatic scene!  Where is Resiner dragging Williams?

To dance?!

There are tons of possibilities for the Sweetheart hands.  How would you use them?

The preorder will open on December 10 and run until January 30, 2019.  The preorder period is generously long, but the standard disclaimer applies:  As always, there is a possibility that the hands will sell out before January 30.  So if you want a pair of Sweetheart hands, order them soon!



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