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♡*Tenshi no Kichi*♡

I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts for the holidays but I am back today with a treat that I think many of you will find indispensable in the Volks niché of the BJD hobby:

(no relation to us other than being awesome and part of the name. ❤ )

The Angel’s Base is a HUGE amount of work on behalf of one person, ekala on DoA,  who has taken it upon themselves to compile all the Volks information they can in English… and it’s literally taken years to do so.

It’s basically a dream come true if you have questions about Story Arcs, outfit releases, names, etc.

For instance take a look at the events page. Every known Volks event with the date and information next to it. If you even have a remote interest in the history of Volks- this is the place to check your timelines. If that’s not your thing then check out the different story arcs that Volks has made for their products- they’re all there and the characters they’ve created are vast in number.

This website even tracks the sumikas opening and closing over the years… it’s astounding.

Needless to say ekala has made a huge effort in constructing this website and, by doing so, she’s given the Volks fan community an invaluable resource. I want to support everyone in the hobby- artists, owners and archivist. We’re really lucky to have someone like ekala active in the hobby so go over and check out her titan’s work at Tenshi no Kichi– I promise you’ll be both amazed and delighted. 

♬I’m a pretty big fan and I hope you will be too!♬

I’ll be adding permanent links to this most valuable database to Tenshi no Mon so that people can find it more easily, whenever they have a need for it.

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