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DD base body (DD – f³) Exchange!

The really big news in Volks vinyl these days is the DD base body (DD – f³) Body Exchange! This program is only being offered in Japan and for the price of 28000 yen- a savings of 3800 yen off of the normal list price for the replacement body. The most amazing part of this promotion is that even if the body you trade in is damaged or stained, they’ll provide you with a brand spanking new model!



This Japan-only promotion does have a few stipulations:

Bodies allowed for Trade in:
“DD base body” “DD base body II” “DD base body III” 

Body Colors Allowed For Trade-in:
normal skin, semi-white skin


White · brown skin
MDD, DDP, DDS, DDdy body, boy type body, head parts are excluded. 
※ The exchange service of this campaign is only for the body. The head is not included. 

This promotion is available until 11/11/2018



So what’s the big difference with this new frame? Each frame offered promises a great balance, posing, range of posable motion, etc. Volks actually has this to say:

…for the latest body “DD base body (DD-f³)” which has made a dramatic evolution such as “detachment and separation of movable parts”, “detachment prevention mechanism”, “adjustment of holding force by retightening mechanism”

It’s not such an odd concept to want to improve the skeletal system of a Dollfie Dream. There’s been issues in the past with the joints snapping (replaceable thank god), This has given rise to a market for option metal pieces provided by third party suppliers such as Cool Cat that strengthen joints. A fan would hope that the new skeletal system would assist with mitigating the stress to certain joints and preventing breaking in the future!

The Volks graphic is pretty special and is worth looking at in detail. Volks provided the following translation and this image is from their website about the new body. I highly recommend that you visit it for more information! Thank you, Volks for giving us an English translation! (We’ll still be hunting down all the ones you don’t and translating them as best we can! ❤ )


Let’s talk about this image a bit more in detail. I’m all for innovation and there are some good things here! (Unsure about the “three F” approach/justification but we’ll go with it.)


“Prevent falling off” (Freedom) My top favorite thing about this body is the fact that there are “structures” in place to prevent limbs from falling off while posing. There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a doll in wig, outfit, shoes, etc and then trying to pose and her/his arm just comes right out of socket. It’s like a model having a melt down on the runway. It’s not productive and helps no one. I am super happy Volks has had a fix for this. It may mean being more careful when removing limbs but it sounds like it is worth it!

“Smooth body trunk” (Fashion) The new joints do add feeling and details to each pose. I am loving the extra joints in the torso! There’s lots of good news for people who want to achieve action poses for their photography.

“Keep up the high mobility” (Future) Apparently Volks has added additional screws so that you may adjust the level of tension in various joints. I would add that you should be careful to not over-tighten and break the plastic- it’s easy to do! This is still a pretty nice add- don’t forget to pick up an extra small screw driver at the drugstore (glasses size!)

Okay, I was wrong. They delivered on the 3F idea. It just sounded a bit odd in the advertisement. it does make perfect sense! ❤


1487961344431Non pros (not cons, just not pros either- things we’re a bit confused about?)

“Organically composed frame” This statement may qualify for an e-mail directly to Volks Inc. Is the body frame made of a environmentally sensitive plastic? Is it biodegradable? Is it just elegant and beautiful in an “organic” sense? We’re not sure. Given the fact that Volks Inc. has developed an “environmentally friendly” face-up remover this environmental sensitivity might be the case but there’s scant details to be found. Don’t worry- I’ll figure it out and update you. ❤

“Volks Logo” As Garfield would say: “Nice touch”. It’s a nice add to their body style but this ranks a little lower on the list of great improvements. 




All in all there’s lots of good in this new frame. As of the 2018 DD Fest, all standards will come on this body as well as the new LEs and everything from Volks will be released with the upgraded body from this point forward. I should mention that if you are purchasing a standard from a 2nd/3rd party it will be good to ask and see if this is the new frame or old frame stock.

Please keep in mind if you purchase one of these bodies online from Volks then you’ll need to double check and make sure the parts you order in the future are  as well!


As always images offered on Tenshinomon.com are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. ❤ Thank you for reading!


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