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NieR Preorder Hits a Bump in the Road!

Interestingly enough Volks Japan has had some difficulties selling their NieR preorder dolls to their Japanese customers…

Who would have thought a face mask could cause second thoughts for people interested in the DD special preorder? Well, this seems to be the case. Despite the amazing styling of 2B and 9S there have been complaints that the face-up have not been displayed during the preorder period.

I guess sometimes a picture just *isn’t* worth a thousand words?

This actually makes a lot of sense in Japan where dolls are regularly display before purchasing. Customers can go to special Volks locations (Ususally Doll Point for DD releases) and view the dolls before they spend their hard earned money on them.


This is in stark contrast to the Western market where customers are asked to purchase products for a very high dollar amount and believe they will be better in person than the pictures provided by the parent company. We are asked constantly to believe in Volks Inc. products without seeing them first hand. For many of us- that’s okay. This is what we’re used to when we buy such expensive dolls internationally- it’s part of the process.

This is also a significant and crucial difference in sales strategy that, I’m sure, helped move Volks USA to online sales since many people couldn’t make it to the sumika boutique in LA. It would also (theoretically) account for some of the lower sales in international markets. For many customers it’s really being able to see these dolls first hand that communicates the quality and beauty of the dolls. Thank goodness Volks USA still offers events for people to see the beauty and quality of their products! Also thank goodness for doll meets and shops that were able to carry Volks products in the past. ❤

At any rate, there’s been a couple announcements following the slow preorder period after feedback was given that people are balking at paying USD $800 for a doll whose face they’ve never seen in person. When asked if it was possible to reveal the face of the dolls, the manager at doll point indicated that the doll was blank underneath the mask and that only the mouths were painted. This is a lot to take in when the dolls outfits integrate the mask as a crucial component. This begs the question- were the dolls face-ups not finished/finalized before the preorder period began? Do the masks pose some risk to the face-up of the dolls that Volks didn’t want to risk it?

As a solution Volks at Doll Point has promised that (moving forward) the faces will be available for viewing in the near future at their location in Akihabara. This is great news for everyone who wants to buy- whether in Japan or abroad as it’s nice to be able to see the sculpt and face-up for a product that costs so much. publishes news, information, rumors, conjecture, opinions, analysis and commentary. This is one of those ‘rumor’ posts. Please keep that in mind when reading it and hold it together if you get easily triggered by conjecture about Volks. Thank you in advance! Special thanks to Vantoria who is awesome. All images and products are the Intellectual property of Squenix and Volks and all information is linked back it its original source



One thought on “NieR Preorder Hits a Bump in the Road!

  1. How interesting! I agree that seeing the eye-shape and the complete face-up is important, but that customers raised a fuss shows just how important it is. But it can be hard to throw down $900 without knowing exactly what you are paying for. . .

    I think you’re right, since we in the West have had to rely more on online orders and photos, we might have to trust in Volks’ quality more. It really is a different (and wonderful) experience to see them in person though!

    Looking forward to seeing more photos when they unveil the maskless dolls! ^^


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