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Rose of Versailles Collaboration Website is Up!

As we’ve mentioned before Volks is taking on one of the most classic and amazing shoujo mangas: The Rose of Versailles. Today the official website for the collaboration has gone up. It’s still pretty general but includes links to the press release and the official Super Dollfie page. I’m sure we’ll learn more in mid November and all will be revealed once the next issue of Volks News hits the stands- I can’t wait!

From the website:

A masterpiece 
” bellow of Versailles ” that has been loved beyond generation since the beginning of the series in 1972 . 
Unfolds on the stage before and after the French Revolution love of the masterpiece is 
Takarazuka Revue, live-action film, such as animation, 
it will be a variety of appearance has been loved by fans around the world .  

And in 2018 …

The girls’ comic monument ‘Varusaiyu no Rara’ 
finally appears in the form of Super Dollfie ® in the present age .



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