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☆・The Enduring Allure of Kasumi・☆

This is a special story is near and dear to my heart mainly because of my own personal interest in Kasumi…


【Session】Sad and Beautiful Night

What’s not to be interested in? She’s a combination of sculpts that remind of SDGr Volks Una reborn as a sculpt similar to SDGr Alice. She definitely stands out on her own visually and to top it off… she’s constructed with a special propriety Volks material That took years to develop. Top that off with the fact that no one outside of Japan  (with the rumored exception of one individual) has been able to welcome her… well, she’s a very interesting doll for folks who follow Volks as a brand.

【Mira】VampireLuckily I’ve been in touch with an owner who was kind enough to answer questions about their Kasumi and the experience of welcoming her home. They’ve been so kind and wonderful to share their experience and have requested anonymity in exchange. They have also requested us to acknowledge that they were blessed enough to welcome Kasumi three years ago so some of the Volks methods and exclusivity may have changed since that time!

Thank you so much for joining us! Kasumi is a rare doll to be able to welcome. We’d love to know more about your experience bringing her home…

I’m very glad that you are interested in my Kasumi<3
There is little information on overseas yet, is not it?

Yes! it’s been years of speculation and debating over many aspects of her true nature. Some people say she is larger than other SDGr, some say smoother, others say heavier…. and there’s no way for us to know the truth because she is so elusive.

Kasumi is not sold except for “Angel ‘s sweet home” in Kyoto.
In addition, because there are some conditions and lottery for purchase, hurdles may be high for overseas owners.【Mira】Rose rose rose

Yes. I’ve only heard of one person not residing in Japan being able to welcome her and that was during her first release. Since then Volks has put some special rules on welcoming her in place.

Kasumi is unable to resale and makeup changes, etc. There are many differences from other dollfie even after welcoming.

【Mira】Gift 3

Can you tell us a bit more about the material? What is the care and handling like?

About the material, Kasumi is harder and heavier than ordinary dollfie.
It is hard to get scratched, makeup is difficult to remove due to multi-layer coating.
Although yellowing, there is a beauty course to clean up with cleaning and surface coating.

【Mira】Good Morning!So is Kasumi a different material similar to Everbeauty? Does Kasumi require special handling?

Yes. It’s necessary to receive about one hour counseling to buy Kasumi.
But, it seems that counseling can be skipped from the second time.

What skin tone is Kasumi exactly? PSN or PSW?

The color of the skin is about half way between PS – normal and PS – White, and it has a distinctive color.
My Kasumi is a full body make-up, but make-up does not remove, it’s strong^^

How difficult was it for you to greet Kasumi? Did you have to try many times?

This is totally influenced by luck.
I was very very lucky and greeted Kasumi with my first challenge!
But, there are also people who have to challenge many times.
I think that like the one-off doll, the number of applicants is involved.

Many people really love Kasumi’s sculpt. Do you think it will be made more widely available ever?

Kasumi’s face modeling is limited to the current state Pure Bisque Skin so people who like Kasumi’s face shaping may still be in trouble…


There’s a couple mysteries and rumors around welcoming Kasumi and I am hoping you can provide some clarity? First of all there’s a rumor that individuals who welcome Kasumi will not be able to resell her ever- she must be returned to Volks if the owners wish to part with her?

Even among Volks, because it is a lottery sale only in “Tenshi-no-sato” in Kyoto, it’s not wholesale to others.
Yes, the owner of Kasumi is forbidden to transfer Kasumi to other people.

【Mira】Doze...It looks like this mystery around Kasumi will endure as she will continue to only be available in Japan and there are other obstacles. Perhaps that is part of what makes her so wonderful… sometimes the enduring mystery is also part of the charm!

It seems that the conditions are severe as only a few can be made at a time. The price is also high ….

At least there’s some hope for the audience of Kasumi admirers! (Like me!) with the development of Pureskin Ever beauty.

 Yes, new Ever beauty skin will be released as well, and I looking forward about that as well.



Thank you so much for giving us some invaluable insight into your beautiful girl- your Kasumi is a treat to behold and we look forward to seeing even more of her int he future. Thank you also for your time and shedding light on the beautiful, graceful mystery of Kasumi. ❤


As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. ❤ In this case a HUGE thank you to the original owner for sharing their insight and stunning photographs of their beloved doll. Thank you for reading!



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