٭Artist Spotlight٭

Are you prepared to treat your eyes to an amazing feast of color and beautiful design? Our artist spotlight this time hails from the UK and specializes in the most detailed and beautiful handmade dresses for your dolls. I can speak from my own experience- this is one seamstress you will want to follow!

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What is your name/handle:

My name is Lottie, but I’m flowergirl in the doll world.

Where are you from:

I am from the UK, currently living in rainy Wales 🙂

How long have you been in the hobby:

A long time, I joined DoA at the end of 2006, but had been investigating and researching BJD from late 2004ish.

Where can we find you online (deviant art, DoA, Instagram links here please!):

I am most active on Flickr and I’m browsing DoA most days, and am “flowergirl” there. I am also on
Etsy and Den of Angels as well!

When did you first begin collecting Volks Dolls:

I have had Volks dolls in one form or another since about 2008, but began collecting them seriously and exclusively in 2017.

What was your first Volks Doll:

Do you know, I can’t even remember now, it was so long ago. I think it might have been a SWD Syo?


What is your favorite Volks sculpt and why?:

Syo or the discontinued F10 sculpt. I think Syo because he/she is so versatile, much like F01, the face-up makes all the difference (but I prefer the F15 to F01, I think it is a bit more mature maybe?). F10 because they are just so weird, and look like a resin version of a retro fashion doll. I just love those massive eyes, defined lids and little pursed mouth! Both F15 and F10 have really square jaws, which is something else I really favour in dolls.

What other dolls do you collect:

None! I used to make my own dolls, but these days I just collect Volks resin BJD.

There are many aspects of BJDs that engage people, what first drew you to the hobby (examples: photography, fashion, design, painting, etc):

It would have to be the sewing/fashion aspect. I used to make clothes to dress up in when I was a kid, and really missed the fantasy and escapism of it when I was “too old” to dress up any more, dolls let me explore that even more fully, as a huge kimono set doesn’t take nearly as many metres for 1/3 scale as full scale.

What inspires you:

Oooh, everything! The colours I see in nature, the colours and textures of fabrics and sarees, art, beautiful glazes on pots…. everything!


What items (if any) have you created for the doll hobby?:

I make hand dyed silk outfits, mostly kimono inspired robes, as well as corsets, dresses and various other bits and bobs.

Do you prefer resin or vinyl? Why or why not:

I haven’t ever seen a vinyl doll in person actually! So I will have to say resin, and that would be for it’s lovely weight and presence.

What would you like to see Volks focus on in the future? (It can be a doll line, new innovations or accessories):

I would love it if Volks would consider expanding into Europe, as they have with the US- a European FCS would be amazing! I’d also like to see them resist the fashion for more joints and more poseability, I think the older bodies are so graceful and elegant, all those little peanuts and joint bits spoil the line for me. But I know I am in a minority there, haha!

FLOWERGIRL FASHIONSHave you visited Volks in Japan or other location? What was your experience?:

I haven’t, but it is absolutely on my bucket list to go to Japan to visit Tenshi no Sato.

If you could give advice to someone just entering the hobby, what would you tell them:

Don’t buy anything until you have really really researched what it is you are intrigued by, and ensure that you buy from a reputable source, such as the DoA marketplace or direct from the maker.

Omake! (Bonus Questions!)

What is your favorite meal/restaurant:

Oh gosh, I love food so much, choosing one thing will be impossible! I think….. hmm. Maybe it would be Souvlaki (a greek dish of grilled/barbecued marinated pork skewers) with lashings of Tzatziki and home-made pitta bread.

What is your favorite color: Blue

What is your astrological sign: Aquarius


♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥


A super HUGE thank you to flowergirl for participating in this interview for us. It is an honor and a pleasure to feature your amazing work on our website. ❤ All images offered on are shared with the owner’s permission All material is linked back to their website. Thank you for reading!

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