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Volks PureSkin Ever Beauty

So now that Volks 80 is available online I’ve been able to delve into what exactly Pure Skin Ever Beauty is… and it’s a step further than PureSkin Bisque! Please read on for more information:

*Please remember to right click and select open image in new tab for larger size!*

Ever Beauty 1

Then there’s the cost and timeline- not only does it cost a decent amount more than Pureskin Normal, there is another month added onto the doll’s production timeline. The advantages? Well, there’s apparently been a lot of testing and loads of advantages:


Ever Beauty 2

I hope this helped clarify this wonderful and mysterious development. I hope people do order this soon so we can see what the actual differences are! I would love to have dolls that I don’t worry about having outside and taking pictrues. (<— I understand that is weird but it’s the way I am. I really dislike extreme yellowing.) Let’s look forward to seeing more from Volks soon… and hope Volks USA will offer this option at some point!

What is LE dolls also have this added? Would it be worth the increased price? Hmmm….


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One thought on “Volks PureSkin Ever Beauty

  1. How interesting, that PureSkin EverBeauty is supposed to be a step up from Kasumi’s PureSkin Bisque. Hmm. . . I wonder if they’ll ever make a Kasumi release in the new EverBeauty skin? Probably not, huh. . . .

    I’m quite happy with the current PureSkin resin, but as I keep my SD in the closet to prevent yellowing, I can’t enjoy having her out. So imo EverBeauty is worth it even with the increased cost, both for FCS and if it was ever added to LE.


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