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✧ HT Dolpa Sendai 2 Treasure Auction ✧

SENDAI 2 TREASURE AUCTIONAs mentioned in my previous post there are two components for the treasure auction and this is the Dollfie Dream dress and wig~

The official name is “The Stylish Escort Dress”. It is named for how it compliments the Anniversary Dress in such a lovely way (They really do look lovely together!)

It’s a very sophisticated uniform blended in black, white and grey with sparkling adornments. It is modeled by the M04 version of the DDH11- she’s a bit tsundere and she worked beautifully in this set. I think my favorite part is the beading and folding of the ribbon along the outside of the skirt.

Both girls in the pictured above are wearing the very special birthday crown which is only available at the Dolpa venue for those who show up with a Dollfie Dream and a very special birthday ticket. Please read more about it in this post.


SENDAI 2 TREASURE AUCTIONCoordinate dress & shoe set “Stylish Escort Dress”!

Make up with crisp × cool luxury dress withfluffy × black silver mix! To a more luxurious jacket with ribbon and rhinestone! ! It is a gorgeous dress finished in a chic color ♪

The studded ribbons are cute! ! Rhinestones are attached to each ribbon! Cute and cool are fused, it is a cute cool dress ♪ ♪

The sheer train gives an elevated sense of fashion! Please look, this beauty when seen from behind! The back of the dress is finished with a silver tulle’s train that is very fashionable ♪ 

Excellent compatibility with “Anniversary Dress”! ! “Stylish Escort Dress” is a design that is symmetrical with “Anniversary · Strawberry Dress” introduced yesterday, so if you arrange in pairs it will be too cute to become a serious thing!”

headband, ribbon brooch, swallow vest, blouse, tulle train, skirt, underskirt, socks , Shoes






SENDAI 2 TREASURE AUCTIONIn addition to the outfit there is also the “Lace-Up Princess” Wig set. The wig is a lovely silver color to match the dress set and is intricately woven with beautiful braids. It also includes the ‘birthday crown’.

“An elegant style arrangement wig that is perfect for special scenes, such as parties and tea ceremony appears ♪ 

Ribbon lace-up to knitting of commitment! ! This knitting can be done because it is a one – point arrange wig! ! 

This gorgeous feeling does not stop ♪ 

Furthermore the gorgeous “Birthday Crown” comes with it! ! 


“Birthday Crown” which you can take with “DD Birthday Present Ticket” and DD to go to HT Dolpa Sendai 2 Also such things that customized gorgeous further for “birthday crown” will be attached! The back is like this!”


[Set contents]
Arrange wig, hair ornament × 1
※ It becomes a set of arrange wig and hair accessory.
※ Doll body, dress etc are not included in the set.


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