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How About a Little Tea?

image property of volks inc!As the heavy heat of summer weighs upon us and once again we become accustomed to the thunderstorms of the late afternoon… we know that we are living in the ‘heart of summer’.

I’ve been through many summers without air conditioning all over the US and even in Australia. It can be a tough time to find something that is nice and cool~

Even the beautiful grounds of Tenshi no Sato are green, lush and heavy with the summer heat. What’s person/doll to do in this heat?


Let your eyes feast on this beautiful presentation:

all images are property of volks inc
How about a lovely cup of iced tea?

As featured on Volks Japan’s Facebook account Tenshi no Mado has the cutest tins of Earl Grey (my favorite tea) ready for customers to take home and make a delightful, refreshing cup of tea. The tin features Kira and Komame and is part of the “Dollfie®☆Life Design Collection”- a branch of Super Dollfie lifestyle we don’t readily see here in North America. (We’d love to take a moment to assure Volks USA that fans here would be more than happy to buy these lovely items too! ❤ )

What’s lovely about this promotion is that these items are readily available to anyone who can take the time to visit Tenshi no Mado this summer- what a wonderful souvenir!

The description reads as follows:

“Tenshi no Mado Kira’s Earl Grey Tea” 🍹

。。 +.。 ゚ :;。 ゚ 。:: ゚ 。:: ゚ 。:. ゚ :;。 ゚ :;。 ゚ 。:: ゚ 。:: ゚ 。:: ゚ 。:. ゚ 。。 ゚ 。。
The heat of the heat continues every day.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you have enough hydration?

Sunflowers are starting to bloom in the window of the angels ♪
Today, we recommend your recommendation for the summer production!
For Sale at Tenshi no Mado
Collaboration with Karel Chá Peck tea shop
“Angel’s window Kira’s Earl Grey Tea”.。.:* ♡
Earl Grey.
It is more fragrant by putting it out of water,
Can you enjoy a refreshing taste ♪
With Fruit and fruit juice
Colorful Fruit Tea 🍋 or
Let’s get through the heat with cool iced tea ☆
At Tenshi no Mado, I will show you how to make a cup of tea.
Please take a moment to ask for goods.
I’m going home with dollfie at home.
To the rest of the tea.
♪ (*˘︶˘*) *。.・ ♪

” Angel’s window Kira’s Earl Grey tea
Earl Grey Classic (Tea Leaf 50 G / cans)
Price: ¥ 1,200 (+tax)
How to buy:
The Angel’s window 2th floor. “

all images are property of volks inc

As you can imagine Volks Inc partners with the most prestigious and lovely of tea purveyors: Karel Čapek Tea

Karel Chá Peck tea shop states clearly on their website: “We will deliver the season’s tea in a freshness not to be lost anywhere in the world.” Sounds delicious, right? It’s lovely to know that not only will you enjoy a beautiful memorial tin of your trip to Tenshi no Mado but you will also enjoy delicious cup of Earl Grey curated by some of the finest tea purveyors in Japan:

“Founded in 1987. We have our head office in Kichijoji, Tokyo, and we are making products that do not compromise both freshness and design from leaf to tea bags. 
At Sri Lankan tea garden in the season, Teacher owner Tadashi Yamada himself selected tea leaves without compromising. We select seasonal tea with distinctive momentum of characteristics of each production area and deliver it as it is freshness.”


Who wouldn’t want to visit?!

But what about your most beloved Dollfie? What do they get to drink? Well, summertime is perfect for all sorts of resin based handicrafts that bring the special look of ‘refreshment’ to your dolls. The following craft video was brought to my attention by the super amazing emac who runs their own fantastic Etsy store ‘AWDANG‘ that sells both BJD jewelry and beanies. While not everyone may have the tools or know-how to make this craft perfect, it definitely looks like it would be a lot of fun to make!


Video credit to HMS2 – ハムスターのミニチュア工房2 who not only makes the most amazing miniature boba tea but also many, many other impossible small and beautiful items that are linked in the video’s description on Youtube. Check it out!


I’m off to make a glass of delicious iced tea. I am wishing you all a beautiful and cool summer~ ❤


As always images offered on Tenshinomon.com are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Also special thank you to emacKarel Chá Peck tea shop  and HMS2 – ハムスターのミニチュア工房2  for letting us share their wonderful tips, products and tutorials. ❤ Thank you for reading!


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