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♬Idol Master DDS Yuriko Nanao Debut♬

This post is written by the gifted artist and Volks enthusiast River R~ Edited by TenshnoMon

Originally teased last year, Idol Master Cinderella Girls’ DDS Yuriko Nanao has finally been released!

ALL IMAGES BELONG TO VOLKS INCYes, already released! She was sold via lottery on July 15th, during DD Fest 2018.

Why the short notice? In what can only be described as a bold promotional move, Volks decided to release the preview images of Nanao on July 14th. . . only one day before the lottery! This seems quite odd as Volks usually releases promo images at least a few weeks before the event. Perhaps they were counting Nanao’s popularity as a character to boost her sales.

Fortunately, overseas collectors have a chance to nab Yuriko Nanao as well! Unfortunately, the sale starts this Saturday, July 21st. . . that’s not a lot of time to make up your mind!

Yuriko_TD_SR3+It appears that the sales page is still under construction. In the meantime, you can check the sales information here~

For more on the character please check out her wiki located on the iM@sWiki

Here’s a small piece on her bio which makes her character even cuter! I think we all need a DD in our life who reads ‘hard’ sci-fi and classic fantasy. it’s easy to understand why she is so popular. So cute!

“The bookworm of MILLION STARS, Yuriko is a girl who loves books very much. She loves reading any genre of book as long as it’s interesting to her (she reads Bradbury, Dazai, Tolkien, and Poe, for example), though her favorite genres seem to be fantasy and mystery. Like most bookworms, she’s not good at sports and dancing. Although she still enjoys dancing.

ALL IMAGES BELONG TO VOLKS INCYuriko can be shy around strangers, but when among her friends, or any book-related topic (or just something that stimulates her quite wild imagination) comes up, her energetic and cheerful side will come out and she will often talk about books non-stop. She once wrote a review of a book that was over 100 pages long as homework and is feared at the library as the “Wild express train of the library”.

Similar to Kotori, Yuriko has a habit of getting lost in her daydreams sometimes, except that while Kotori‘s daydreams are all about shipping the people around her, Yuriko’s are more of the “what if something from a fantasy novel happened to me” kind of daydreams. This leads her friends to call her an old-type Chuunibyou.

Once she becomes close to the Producer, she’ll become very attached to him, even unconsciously replacing the protagonists of every book she reads with the Producer.

ALL IMAGES BELONG TO VOLKS INCIn addition, Yuriko can be very lively on stage, or while acting. She is also a gamer, which leads to her friendship with another quiet gamer, Anna Mochizuki. They often play MMORPGs together, in which she seems to play a more supportive role while Anna is either the Tanker or the Damage-dealer. Her in game name is lillyknight.

Her goal as an idol is to become an idol who, like a great book, continues to move people even a hundred years after the author is gone.


As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. ❤ Thank you for reading!


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