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~✧The Return of the SD16 Jewels✧~

ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF VOLKS INCAs Tenshi no Sato opens their special order period for the SD16 Jewel line, we have to wonder if Volks USA customers will be allowed to preorder these gorgeous girls for the next online FCS option period! Let’s hope so. I obviously believe this is the case… but I know I’m not the only one who hopes so~

This line, I believe, is one of the more creative lines that plays with the androgyny of the sculpt, vivid make-up options and vastly different skintones for each dolls. It’s amazing to see the difference changing one of those options can make in a single sculpt! It’s not hard to imagine the name of this particular line of dolls comes from the beauty to be held in the depths and beauty of diverse gems- each appreciated for their own qualities. ❤

As aforementioned…Tenish no Sato is having a special limited sales period from June 16th to August 26th 2018 for the SD16 Jewel girls but this one is little different than the last order period and that is because it is not open FCS make-up for the SD16 sculpts. (However!) Volks customers may still order FCS during this period with a *different* FCS SD sculpt and order the SD16 body with it.


Attendees who wish to welcome their SD16 with a jewel sculpt will be able to pick from preset make-up variants. This is a similar make-up format that Volks USA uses when placing orders for their online FCS system. Would it be too much to suspect that fans in North America will have a second chance to welcome the SD16 of their dreams during Volks USA FCS next month?

ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF VOLKS INCThe return of the SD 16 jewel line is a topic near and dear to the hearts of many people in North America. The product and size line was developed by Volks Inc. to target an audience that loved fashion doll proportions but in a interpreted into a beautifully designed resin body. The original release of the Jewel line was directed at North American markets with the requested ‘fashion doll proportions’ and variety of skin tones including the elusive Volks Ebony! The initial release was for Dolpa in LA 2007 (24th~25th November, 2007) and later Dolls Party in Volks USA Website (1st November, 2008).

“SD16 are one of Volks’ larger type of dolls. They are meant to represent teenagers of about 16 years old. They have more poseability than the previous SD and SD13 dolls before them. The boys are 65cm (26inches) tall and the girls are 62.3cm (25inches) tall. Their heads are 23-24cm (9.1-9.3inches) in size. They are capable of wearing both SD and DD type wigs. So far, only Limited Edition models have been released.” (Vintage Angel Den)

The Jewel Line is considered one of Volks’ own ‘story arc’ and includes 4 sculpts: Garnet, Ruby, Pearl and Amethyst. Their stories are short but sweet~


And another Jewel makes her way to you, possessing eternal radiance.

At times gentle, at times cool…
Her smile takes in the light from you, and shines forth in a rainbow of colors.

No matter how profound or how deep the darkness, it cannot conceal her radiance. You can but yearn for her dazzling allure…

She begins to shine by your side, the heroine of a brand new story.


Morning arrived with the sunlight.

Merry were the songs and voices of the twinkling candies scattered across the floor.

When I awoke on the cushioned sofa with my favourite teddy bear, small birds had already begun to sing love songs.

The day that I grow up may finally come at last.

But I am like a gemstone that does not know how to shine yet.

I will look for a brilliant light and come to you.

Now, a new story is about to be born in the world of Super Dollfie.

Amethyst is a -somewhat- newly released head sculpt for the (again) -somewhat- neglected Jewel line in 2015 and has debuted gloriously as both male and female One-Off dolls at various Volks events. She was not released with a Volks written ‘story’ sadly. If someone knows of one please submit it and I will update! ❤


If you are looking to welcome a SD16 FCS girl then look to Volks USA’s website and Facebook in the coming weeks for updates! We over at Tenshinomon.com believe they are heading back to the USA- perhaps even including the elusive Pearl this time. ❤ Please check back in!

As always images offered on Tenshinomon.com are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Additionally very special thank you to Angel Den and Neo Angel Den.  ❤ Thank you for reading!


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