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HT Dolpa Sendai 2 DD Birthday Present Ticket

There seems to be an unending amount of items/events to look forward to happening at HT Dolpa Sendai 2! One such promotion is the “HT Dolpa Sendai 2 DD Birthday Present Ticket”. This is a special part of the Birthday/Anniversary of Mirai and Cindy- the first Dollfie Dreams that Volks brought to market.

DD Birthday Party

DD Birthday Party

This special item allows owners to celebrate this special date by participating in a variety of special birthday events. Participants need to have a special birthday ticket AND their Dollfie Dream with them in order to participate during the Dolpa. (Tickets are available to purchase or if you’ve welcomed a DD in 2018 then you may have a ticket for free. One ticket per person.)

When the ticket is submitted then they are given a special ‘Birthday Crown’ this is super adorable and is completed with a special bow and ‘DD’ charm. They’ll then get a chance at a ‘lucky pull’. This is similar to a lotto and there is a chance to win a special make-up version of a DDH head as well as a variety of other items. There is also a chance you will win nothing extra~

DD Birthday Party

…but not to fret! If you don’t win a special prize, there’s still lots more to do and celebrate at this very special birthday party. There will be a GIANT cake set for photo opportunities and a special birthday group photo for all owners and their dolls. It looks like it will be an amazing time~ Happy Birthday Dollfie Dreams! ❤

DD Birthday Party

Finally there will be new D’coord models sporting their refreshed uniform deisgn as well as the new, gorgeous prepainted heads for the ever-popular DDH-11. (I LOVE the girl in the back!) As always these special D’coord models will be available for ‘lucky draw’ during the event and a few participants will be able to purchase one!

DD Birthday Party


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