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~Volks USA at Anime Expo & Miku Expo~

Volks USA is planning some events for one of the largest anime conventions in the USA: Anime Expo. Folks who attend will be treated to – not only a Volks booth- but a special pop-up gallery of the Fate/Stay History in the world of Dollfie Dream. It’s a pretty cool incentive to attend the convention if you are in the area! More details are available on the Volks USA Facebook page. Volks USA has not announced what other special dolls sales or lotteries will be happening on the Expo floor just yet.


ALL IMAGES PROPERTY OF VOLKS INCPerhaps a more relevant, exciting feature for most people is the corresponding special sale and webevents on the Volks USA website celebrating Miku Expo! This is an event where we are lucky enough to have Miku Hatsune come and tour the USA.

To kick off the event there is a limited preorder for the husky Megurine Luka on the Volks USA website. It’s a pretty wonderful incentive for all of the people who missed out on her during the dolpa lottery. Please keep in mind the ‘limited’ part of the preorder. This will mean the items will be ‘first come first serve preorders’ as there is a limited amount of items available… don’t dally if you’d like to welcome her!

ALL IMAGES PROPERTY OF VOLKS INCIn addition to Luka there is a limited special preorder for her Senbonzakura Outift, the Miku Crane Priestess Outfit and Miku’s Vampire Outfit as well. The great thing about vocaloid dolls is that they make a lot of money and it seems © Crypton Future Media, INC is very open with their licensing of their characters and DD sales. You will see these dolls available multiple times because they sell so well- I can say with certainty Luka will not be an exception to this rule. ❤

In case Luka is not for you there is also the special sale featuring the Volcaloid DDs and their limited outfits. It seems as though it will be a ‘first come, first serve’ scenario again. For followers of this blog, you’ll know this isn’t my favorite method of Volks sales. Still, it is a nice opportunity for people who follow the IP and missed out on the expensive but beautiful ‘Ribbon Girl Outfit‘!

Since most of these dolls have seen multiple releases across Japan and the USA the sales shouldn’t be as competitive as newly released items. All the same, if you are interested I highly suggest you mark your calendar for the date and time of this event so you don’t miss out! All sales dates will be added to the calendar at at their times according to PST.

Warning: if you are planning an order it might be helpful to have a buying strategy because the Special Pre-order items cannot be purchased at the same time as the Limited Web Event items due to a difference in shipping schedules. This means two separate ‘check-outs’ during the ‘clickwar’! It’s another twist to overcome in the struggle that is the ‘clickwar’ when many customers already experience difficulties with carts being automatically emptied and reset while the items they want to purchase sell out. You’ve been warned, now I am wishing you luck welcoming the dolls and outfits you want to purchase!



Best of luck to those wishing to welcome these very special dolls! ❤





As always images offered on are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and accompanying resources. All images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!


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