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Volks Website Store and Paypal

In what can only be described as an interesting decision, Volks Website Store has decided to stop accepting Paypal payments. The decision could be related to the business fees Volks would accrue from a ‘middle man’ like Paypal- particularly with the volume of business they so online(also why many people illegally charge their buyers for fees in private transactions).

In this case if the decision came down to accepting both methods of payment were too expensive for Volks it would make sense to cancel Paypal and stay with credit cards.

Or perhaps it is related to people making claims -fraudulent or not- via Paypal against Volks and winning their money back from the company? Either way this decision will impact anyone who tries to do business with Volks on their international store.

Maybe Paypal is just too much trouble.

Please aware that from From Monday, June 25th, 2018(JST) Paypal will not longer be accepted!

It’s a mystifying choice to many people and will complicate purchasing for the international community online in the future.

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