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♪Volks DDH11 Auction♪

♬♩♪♩ Good morning! ♩♪♩♬

I hope everyone is well. I wanted to announce a special sale today of the DDH11 head from Volks Doll Point Akihabara. There’s a lot fo request for this particular sculpt and I am happy to help if I can make someone’s dream come true. ❤

Volks DDH11 Auction

Volks DDH11 Auction

Please ask any and all questions in the comments sections before you bid. I am more than happy to provide any information or pictures you may require in order to bid confidently. ❤ Additional information is included below in the wonder selling format of Den of Angels. It should answer the main questions about the sale.


Item Details:

Item Type: DDH11 Head

Company or Maker: Volks

Sculpt Name or Type: DDH11

Skintone/Resin Type: PureSkin Normal

Year of Manufacture: 2018

Description: She arrived last month and is from my (Nakita’s) personal collection. She’s completely lovely and in new/mint condition. Please review all pictures.

What is included in this sale?: Head Only

Modifications: None

Damage: None

Yellowing: None

Ownership: I am the first owner

Provenance: Doll Point Akihabara.

Auction Starting Price in US $: 1.00

What payment types do you accept?: Paypal

Is this an auction?: Yes

If this is an auction, when will it end?: July 1st 10pm CST

Are shipping costs included in the price?: No. Please contact me for estimated shipping costs depending upon your location. Thank you!

The item ships from USA.
I will ship internationally.
The buyer may request a lower parcel value at their own risk.
I will mark this parcel as a gift if asked.

Would you consider layaway?: Yes. Contact me for more information. Must have excellent feedback, downpayment required and all payments are nonrefundable.

Will you ship internationally?: Yes, please contact me for an estimate.

Nakita’s DoA Feedback



USD $305.00 by C**** *****(6/26 10:31AM)

USD $300.00 by P*****(6/25 12:28PM)

USD $200.00 by H******* ******** (6/25 9:01AM)

USD $100.00 by R********** (6/24 7:33PM)

USD $26.00 by S********* (6/24 6:47PM)

5 bid history

(names will be edited to protect privacy)

If you are interested then please contact me directly to bid, let me know if you’ll need a layaway and include your feedback on eBay, Etsy, DoA, etc. Thank you! 



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