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SDGr Lorina II now available on YJ!

With delivery of SDGr Lorina II happening across Japan, it was bound to happen: Lorina II is officially up for sale on YJ!…

… but the price may make you cringe!


After all the national and international fame the incident at ‘Nihonbashi Takashimaya Incident’  the starting price for this girl is 400,000 yen (USD 3,636.00) with a ‘Buy It Now’ of 500,00 yen (USD $4545.00) with one day to go. This doll originally retails for 115000 yen (USD 1045.35)

We’ll be updating this post with her final sale price- if there is one?

Lorina II, as can be evidenced in the photograph, has a differently sculpted mouth from the original Lorina (teeth are visible). Her face-up gives her a bit more playful and wide awake look. If you’d like more information on this girl and all the drama surrounding her please check out our other articles here.


As always images offered on Tenshinomon.com are only supplement to Volks INC materials and are not considered replacements for the source material. All material is linked back to the original post and all images belong to Volks INC unless otherwise specified. Thank you for reading!

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